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Manage large Data volumes with Customized Azure Cloud Storage

Azure Document db

Include DocumentDB to handle JSON data for big data solutions

Azure DocumentDB enables rapid development of modern web and mobile applications. It is a NoSQL document database that automatically indexes all JSON documents. The low-latency, fast, and write-optimized solid-state drive (SSD) storage backs up this NoSQL Database, and helps in delivering highly reliable and configurable performance.

DocumentDB provides rich querying over flexible schemes and easy-to-use SQL grammar and automatically indexes each document property. We leverage schema-free JSON document database to provide fast, scalable and simple Azure solutions for handling big data.

Azure Storage

Manipulate large, discrete data with cost-effective, reliable, and scalable cloud storage

Azure Storage is a highly elastic, durable, and cost-effective component for storing and processing hundreds of terabytes of data to support small or big data applications. Different kinds of data such as file data and structured data, can be stored using Azure storage services that include Blob, Table, Queue and File storage. This service is enabled with a Geo-redundancy option that automatically creates three additional copies of stored data to guard against unexpected hardware failures.

Enterprises are leveraging storage services to handle petabytes of data and millions of concurrent requests per second. Our solutions enable enterprises to cut huge data storage costs and accelerate the ‘go live’ process of applications.

Azure search service

Captivate users with interactive and robust Search Experience

Azure search is a managed Platform as a Service that allows to populate searched data to be accessible from the application. It also provides advanced search behaviors such as faceting, near-instantaneous responses, suggestions, great relevance, and multiple languages to produce fine search results. It facilitates enterprises in avoiding the complexity of dealing with own search index to speed up the development process.

Enterprises are offering sophisticated, interactive search experience in their mobile and web applications with the easy to plug in Azure Search service. We are helping them in handling complex search scenarios by linking the search results and finely constructed ranking models to their business goals.

Azure SQL data warehouse

Employ Cloud SQL Data Warehouse to process petabytes of relational and non-relational data

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is best-in-class enterprise-grade disseminated database that handles huge volumes of data to perform relational processes for fast analytics. It uses massive parallel processing architecture, and flexible, independent compute & storage scaling structure. This service enables enterprises to pause, grow, shrink, and deploy computes in seconds and interactively query and visualize data.

Enterprises are leveraging elastic, cost-efficient, and hyper-scalable SQL data warehouse to manage and process big data in applications. We are helping the businesses in integrating this service seamlessly with various Azure artifacts such as Machine Learning, HDInsight, Power BI, and Data Factory in complex cloud solutions.

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