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Why do industrial enterprises need customized software solutions?

Industrial engineering enterprises want to design & build infrastructure and systems that help their clientele realize business objectives to ensure continual improvement through lean manufacturing and improved efficiencies. They need to capture and integrate data from various assets for real-time monitoring, process and make it ready for simulation and analytics, use data science and machine learning to predict results and optimize process for various operational scenarios.

At Saviant, our industrial consulting and implementation frameworks help industrial engineering enterprises worldwide, to implement custom-software that simplifies the integration, automation & management of various industrial processes like design & engineering, project & resource management, field operations, etc. This enables you to service more customers & manage larger projects more profitably.

For example, an integrated system will enable you to:


Real-time monitoring of industrial plants

or installations using data acquired from various assets, machines or industrial systems.


Plan and manage resources easily

through a unified platform that seamlessly integrates data systems across various functions like engineering & planning.


Manage field operations remotely

using integrations across field assets, engineers, and processes.


Create more efficient engineering & design processes

that are driven by data and leverages machine learning & AI capabilities.

Asia’s largest
renewable energy
company implements a data platform to monitor and manage wind farm operations efficiently

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Why industrial engineering enterprises choose Saviant for their customized software solutions

Quick go-to-market

Quick go-to-market

40% faster development using our industrial frameworks, technology expertise, and ready-to-use IPs
100% solution success rate

100% solution success rate

Successfully delivered 300+ solutions across manufacturing, energy, and industrial engineering enterprises
Enterprise-grade solutions

Enterprise-grade solutions

Building solutions that are technology ready for next decade, with optimized project costs & best practices

How we work with you

Our consultants help you build customized solutions using a holistic approach, which includes:


1. Assessing your existing system

Understanding your current systems, the equipment, project processes, data, and workforce running the operations.


2. Building

Creating a roadmap, and detailed plan to build the custom solution, which integrates systems across business units, data & processes.


3. Technology and

Defining the right architecture & technology stack to realize long & short-term goals while ensuring tech-readiness for next decade.


4. Implementation and
ongoing maintenance

Building & deploying the custom solution and providing ongoing maintenance support for you to completely adopt the solution.

Awards & Industry Recognition

Saviant teams build custom software solutions, that simplify integration of equipment, operations, people, and systems in real-time, using our expertise in cloud and modern integration platforms.

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