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Insights from Saviant's industry-focused roundtable on 'How the technology teams of Energy providers are missing the mark on data and digital'

Industry leaders & experts from Siemens, West Monroe Partners, National Energy Research Lab, Plexflo, and Industry 4.0 club share their perspectives during a roundtable presented by Chester Energy & Policy and powered by Saviant Consulting.

LinkedIn LIVE, March 15, 2023: Industry-focused virtual roundtable (VRT) titled ‘Energy providers and their technology teams are missing the mark on data and digitalization’ was presented on March 15, 2023, by Chester Energy & Policy and powered by Saviant Consulting. The session provided a deeper understanding of the opportunities missed by energy providers & their technology teams, and how they can do much better with their integrated digital transformation initiatives.

The event featured panelists who have extensive experience leading digital transformation initiatives in the energy & utility domain, including -

  • Andrew Schechter - Vice President of Digital Utilities for Siemens Advanta,
  • Eric Anderson - Director of Energy & Utilities at West Monroe Partners,
  • Jignesh Shah - Vice President of Client Services at Saviant Consulting,
  • Sayonsom Chanda - Senior Researcher at National Renewable Energy Laboratory & Founder of Plexflo Inc.

Matthew Chester, Founder of Chester Energy & Policy, and Carol Mitchell-Lin, Co-Founder of Industry 4.0 club, moderated the session. The panelists put forth their viewpoints on the topic and discussed multiple factors that come into play for energy providers in relation to digital transformation.

In the discussion, Sayonsom highlighted, “All the data, now available from utilities to the technology partners is helping them in cloud adoption. But the utmost priority now for utilities is the mindset shift for leadership, to encourage the next generation of workers to utilize available data points, which will eventually lead to the development of smart grids and smart cities. "Adding to it, Andrew said, “The shift in mindset is required not just at the utility level or within the utility departments, but also at the government regulatory bodies about digital transformation, grid modernization, and AI/ML is also required."

The session also saw active participation from industry experts in the audience, like Richard (Dick) Brooks, Co-founder & lead software engineer at Reliable Energy Analytics LLC (REA), and Vaibhav Mandrawadker, Program Head & IBU Head, CIO Org. The discussion sparked Vaibhav's curiosity and as a part of the Q&A, he asked, “Do we see any Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR) or Metaverse solutions being explored in Energy / Utility section across US or Europe? This can be in any area like Training / Diagnostic / Problem resolution.”

The panelists also shared successful unique case studies across the energy & utilities industry and answered a couple of questions from the audience including, “With so many stakeholders and diversity, is it possible to build an off-the-shelf offering? or will it always be a customized system on top of a software platform?”

Watch the full session here to uncover more insights.

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