A Business Intelligence, Social Media company in UK wanted customized reports through Telerik on Big Data stored in Azure NoSQL tables.

Our Results

Our client managed to read 300 Million records of data, generate the reports and extract them from Azure NoSQL tables into various formats swiftly.

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Business Need

The client is a Business Intelligence, Social Media company in UK. They wanted an extended functionality for their cloud application that can make easy access to reports for its users. Their existing MVC .NET application needed an add-on piece of software that can help the end users in creating the customized reports with filters. To make this possible, client wanted a rich user-friendly interface that can provide accessible of reports quickly and swiftly.

The core challenge meant in reading the 300 million records of large data daily and storing the same for generating reports. To make these reports easily access to the users in order to read and extract them without performance issues, client wanted to use Azure services for storage purposes. Reading the unstructured data and reporting the same from NoSQL database was the another essential challenge in providing a business solution.

Technology Solution

Saviant is one of those few Azure Cloud experts who have pushed the envelop to adopt Azure’s cutting-edge solutions. We delivered a solution with ASP.NET WEBAPI & MVC architecture scalable framework to handle Big Data and to showcase the reports. We created a customized XML-JSON framework to read Big Data i.e., unstructured NoSQL data and dynamically mapped NoSQL data to report attributes. We have used Telerik platform to generate reports via the cloud and to provide rich UI to the end-users.

Our team has developed the application that provides a rich user-friendly interface and made easy access to generate reports. The end users of the application were able to change the report filters at runtime to read the reports and extract them into pdf and excel formats swiftly. Our cloud solution based architecture was able to read 300million records and generate them into reports.

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