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Data - whether in the cloud or on-premises, hold the answers to your mission-critical questions. So complex is the data universe that traditional BI solutions, connecting multiple data sources, and transforming business intelligence information are nothing short of overwhelming. That's why innovative companies harvest the wealth of available data required for the most meaningful insights into operations, markets, industry trends, and more.

Power BI development and Power BI consulting teams offer you far-reaching knowledge of how, where, and why of building your custom Power BI solutions. We can draw in data from hundreds of sources, both internal and external, deploying APIs and seamless integrations with Microsoft Suite, Hadoop, Salesforce, Spark, Oracle, and Google database, plus many others. Our development path assures your organization benefits from security, governance, and management across all users.

Boost operational efficiency with Power BI dashboards

Boost operational efficiency with real-time interactive Power BI Dashboards

Data visualization is a primary benefit of Power BI, made more so by Saviant ability to build optimal dashboards for data displayed. Your custom dashboards will give your team a 360 degree of what's happening as it happens. Make quick decisions and share & implement data-based adjustments in a collaborative environment. Also, data manipulation, machine learning, data modeling, and analytical concepts help business leaders utilize their data smartly to make informed decisions.

Our Power BI consulting teams will help you optimize the value of Power BI, allowing you to dive into advanced analytics quickly for greater insight. Predicting outcomes and preventing failures of your assets/operations can be quick and straightforward. As a Certified Microsoft Power BI Partner, we help teams plan and implement BI strategies, revealing valuable trends and unseen correlations presented in stunning visuals that support data-driven decisions.

Power BI Analysis reports

Power BI Analysis Reports: Snapshots of your operations

Analyzing business data becomes a tedious job if it is a manual or spreadsheet-based study and analysis. But not with Power BI. With intuitive filters and data manipulation features, users can drag and drop data to identify trends, organize unstructured data for analysis from different angles. Power BI consulting teams help data-intensive companies such as Food Services, Logistics, Healthcare, and Manufacturing empower their teams with personalized dashboards - supply chain dashboard, logistics dashboard, and healthcare BI dashboards - to name a few for enabling real-time insights and smart actions.

By creating innovative filters for manipulating each users' dataset, you will visualize a unique perspective of your data through graphics, charts, and tables that help data interpretation across the entire organization. Monitor your data over time with interactive reports, which can be drilled down per day, month, or quarter.

Power BI Mobile apps

Access your data and view dashboards anywhere, any time with Power BI Mobile

Now you can monitor your business from anywhere with Power BI based Native mobile BI apps for iOS, Android & Windows. Our Power BI teams can help you get the most from your custom Power BI solution with a mobile dashboard that's easy to access and review. Never be out of the loop, even when you are out of the office or out of the country.

Our Microsoft Power BI consultants can help create a dynamic business intelligence environment quickly. Get a unique, 360-degree view of your business in the form of interactive data visuals and personalized reports all on your mobile device.

See how our custom Power BI solutions improve operations

Power BI Solution for food supply chain

Improved Food safety. More transparent Supply Chain

UK's leading foodservice specialist creates a self-sufficient Power BI environment to empower its operations team with actionable insights.

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Power BI reports for asset maintenance

Predictive Maintenance decreases costs and increases asset health

Global supplier of Instrumentation builds Power BI enabled automated fault diagnostics system to monitor the health of the equipment.

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Sales Analytics dashboards

Improves SKU sales per store. Enhances Overall Profit Margin

One of the world's largest food & beverage retailers uses Power BI to analyze 9000+ store performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Power BI Analysis Reports offer snapshots of business operations. They simplify the process of analyzing business data by providing intuitive filters and data manipulation features. Users can easily identify trends, organize unstructured data, and gain insights from various perspectives using interactive reports.

Yes, some examples include:

  • A leading foodservice specialist in the UK created a Power BI environment to gain actionable insights for improved food safety and a more transparent supply chain. [Read the story here]

  • A global supplier of instrumentation used Power BI for automated fault diagnostics to monitor equipment health, leading to predictive maintenance and reduced costs. [Read the story here]

  • A HVAC-Equipment company implements a robust BI platform for their manufacturing operations, to understand the gaps in efficiency at Assembly, Production, and Shipping of Manufacturing factory. [Read the case study here]

Data-intensive industries such as Food Services, Logistics, Healthcare, and Manufacturing have benefited from the Power BI solutions. Our Power BI consulting team provides personalized dashboards like supply chain dashboards, logistics dashboards, and healthcare BI dashboards to enable real-time insights and informed decision-making.

Yes, with Power BI Mobile, you can monitor your business from anywhere. Our Power BI consulting team can help you maximize the benefits of your custom solution with a mobile dashboard that's easily accessible on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

As a Certified Microsoft Power BI Partner, Saviant has proven expertise and capabilities in developing Power BI solutions. This certification ensures that we can help our clients plan and implement BI strategies effectively, revealing valuable trends and correlations in visually appealing formats.

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