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Power BI Consulting & implementation strategy for Business Intelligence

Data - whether it is in cloud or on-premises, including Hadoop, Spark, database & files - holds the key to answer the unfathomable questions. And so, the innovative companies are considering new ways for data analytics and derive meaningful insights. But with traditional BI solutions, connecting to multiple data sources and transforming the information for business intelligence becomes an impossible mission.

Cloud-based business analytics implementations, like Power BI solutions, are significant to overcome such challenges. Our Power BI consultants develop custom Power BI solutions for companies to bring business-critical data to life. Analyze data, visually explore it and make intelligent decisions through real-time, stunning dashboards.

Boost operational efficiency with interactive Power BI dashboards

Data acquired from connected assets, like sensors and machines, enables faster & precise decisions than the conventional ones made with no or offline data. However, analyzing and visualizing this data is what most technology-driven equipment manufacturers need today. Data manipulation, machine learning, data modeling & analytical concepts can help such business leaders in utilizing their data smartly to make educated decisions.

With Power BI, innovative companies can now dive into advanced analytics easily. Gaining powerful insights to predict outcomes & prevent failures of assets/operations is made simple. As a Certified Microsoft Power BI Partner, we help in strong BI planning & strategy. Power BI implementations uncover hidden trends & unknown correlations through stunning visuals that support intelligent decisions.

Get a quick glance of your data with Power BI Analysis reports

Analyzing business data is quite important for SaaS Product companies like you to make intelligent business decisions. However, when it is manual or spread sheet-based study, it becomes a way more tedious. Technology-driven companies across industries like Manufacturing and Logistics are in the process of eliminating such traditional processes with business intelligence systems. These companies are empowering their teams with  real-time insights for enabling smart actions.

Power BI tool is the one of the BI solutions to overcome such traditional data analysis challenges. Get a unified perspective of your data in the form of intuitive dashboards and reports for business intelligence. Monitor your data over time with interactive charts; which can be drilled down per day, month, or quarter.

Monitor your business from anywhere with Power BI Mobile apps

Industry leaders are constantly looking to innovate and lead in this data-driven business transformation world. And, Mobile business intelligence can be the key to monitor and access your business health from any location. Using Power Bi consulting services, get the business-critical data at your fingertips. Publish custom Power BI dashboards to consume on the web and across mobile devices.

With Power BI based Native mobile BI apps for iOS, Android & Windows, users can securely access and view live Power BI reports. Our Power BI consulting services can help create dynamic business intelligence environment. Get a unique, 360-degree view of your business in the form of interactive data visuals and personalized reports.

Custom Power BI Solutions implemented for Enterprises

Power BI Solution for food supply chain

Tackling spoilage in Fresh food supply chain using Power BI

UK's leading Food Service specialist creates a self-sufficient Power BI environment to empower its operations team with actionable insights.

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Power BI reports for asset maintenance

Global supplier of Instrumentation uses Power BI reports for asset maintenance

With Power BI enabled automated fault diagnostic system, the enterprise monitors the health condition of equipment in real-time.

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Sales Analytics dashboards

Improved operational efficiency with Sales Analytics dashboards & reports

One of the World's largest Food & Beverage companies uses Power BI to analyze 9000+ stores' performance.

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