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applying intelligence
simplifying the things. making progress easier.

Recognized by hundreds of innovative companies worldwide,
as reliable experts in intelligent data engineering and intelligent systems integration,
enabling industrial machines & operations to do more than ever before

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The World will look different in 10 years,
because people like us are changing it every day.

We do it by creating & implementing software that supports our planet’s core things,
be it machines running the motors, engines and airplanes,
or equipment powering the wind farms and power plants,
or instruments supporting the smart cities and energy distribution.

We partner with instruments engineering & equipment manufacturing companies worldwide,

to design & deliver custom-software that captures, manages & analyzes data from live machines & systems.
In the process, we enable them to re-imagine their devices & machines,
from just providing data-emitting hardware, to really providing Intelligence-as-a-service with it.

In the same ecosystem, we partner with industrial construction, engineering & equipment maintenance companies,

to design & implement custom-software solutions that simplify the integration, automation & management of field operations in real-time.
We help them create rapid real-time integrations across workflows, devices & people,
so that larger such industrial operations can be run more efficiently, and more end users worldwide can be serviced cost effectively.

At Saviant, we are on a mission to simplify the things around us, and to make progress easier.

Today, all things are becoming intelligent, thereby creating a much more complex world to deal with.
We help innovative mid-sized companies in making sense of this complex world,
enabling them to transform from hardware manufacturing & engineering services, to intelligence manufacturing & integrated real-time services.

Doing that needs human intelligence, now more than ever.

We share our customers’ goal of putting the latest digital technologies to work, to make industrial systems & equipment more intelligent.
Why? Because we believe enabling them to do more than ever before - makes things better, faster, safer & economical for everyone.

Saviant members have many different professional backgrounds
– mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, computer science, data science, design engineering, civil engineering, et al.
And by focusing on creating software for intelligent systems, we are now recognized as
reliable experts in intelligent data engineering and intelligent systems integration.
Our teams now architect systems transformation, enabling industrial hardware & operations to do more than ever before.

We use our expertise with the Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, along with modern data platforms and digital integration platforms,
to create robust enterprise-grade products, without the heavy investments made by large enterprise companies.

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Highly-motivated people who bring-in wide range of expertise, to identify workable answers to the complex problems.

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If you love solving problems at hand, are fearless, passionate, and ambitious, you are our next colleague here.

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