Digital Twin consulting services for smart machine manufacturers

Design and build digital twin solutions to create virtual assets for remote monitoring, predictive analytics & simulations, enabling you to offer new services on top of the 'smart machines'.

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Create new value from your machine & equipment data

If you’re in the business of providing smart machines and smart systems to industrial enterprises, most likely:

  • Your customers are already expecting you to provide more value through better insights, backed by sound data – to continue to partner with you
  • Your investors are already expecting your balance sheet to show "digital assets", rather than physical assets, to increase company’s long-term value

In both the cases, your business would need its own "digital-twin strategy" to ensure your core value provided to clients is driven by data-intelligence, and that your company is capable of pivoting its business model to easily develop new services in future, without relying on just physical-assets that have short-lifespans.

At Saviant, our industrial consulting & implementation framework helps Instruments Engineering/ Machine Manufacturers build digital twins to unlock multitude of opportunities. It enables building new services on top of the 'smart assets' they deliver to their Enterprise customers who are looking for more value from data, to evolve from a hardware to a subscription-as-a-service model.

Digital twin consulting services

World’s 3rd largest thermal processing
equipment manufacturer implements digital twins for monitoring machine performance

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How we work with you

Our digital twin development & implementation teams follow four distinct stages to get you to your goals within 3-5 weeks:


1. Assessment and road-mapping

Assess what data is available, what’s missing to form your business case, timeline & return-on-investment decisions


2. Modeling the
Digital Twin

Leverage real data from assets to create a virtual one


3. Building robust

Monitoring, Training, Simulations etc. and expand the twin’s effectiveness with new services & data streams


4. Ongoing iterations & improvements

in the data acquisition, data models and AI-ML algorithms, to derive better value for business and end customers

Digital twins maturity lifecycle

Broadly, there are three different levels of complexities where digital twins will enable your customers & your business

Level 1

Basic Asset

At this level, you create digital representations of real-world
entities and processes, and collect useful data to help provide
deeper insights.

Level 2


Here companies start to experiment with asset & process configurations in various scenarios to find optimizations that are complex to find by monitoring the physical environment alone.

Level 3

Intelligence-as-a-service drivers

At this stage, you combine data-driven modeling approaches with physics-based approaches to create accurate predictions and explore causality and failure modes using physics.

Digital Twin

Awards & Industry Recognition

We are recognized as reliable experts in intelligent data engineering with strong expertise in Microsoft Azure cloud and modern data platforms.

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