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Building custom Azure solutions

Asset-intensive Enterprises are adopting technology innovation for accelerated business growth. Initiatives such as real-time asset monitoring, predictive asset maintenance, and connected operations are taking higher priorities. Our Azure consultants are helping Enterprises achieve their new focus areas by defining their technology roadmap & implementation strategy.

So far, we have connected more than 50 Mn devices/equipment, processed more than a Bn data records and enhanced real-time visibility of assets by 100% across US, UK, Australia, EMEA, Canada & India.

IoT & Data Analytics

IoT & Data

Create connected Enterprises and real-time interactions with assets, workforce & customers. Predict outcomes, prevent failures & enable real-time actions.

Azure PaaS development

Azure PaaS Development

Solve real world problems using ultra-scale Azure platform. Build Enterprise-grade cloud native apps to enable intelligent actions & accelerated business outcomes.

Legacy Apps Modernization

Legacy Apps

Make your legacy apps resource friendly, compatible with modern-day backend databases (noSQL, Cloud-based, SQL), and robust with enhanced customer experience.

Exploit the power of Azure Cloud Services

Apply Azure services like Web Apps, SQL Database & Machine Learning with serverless computing, microservices architecture and containers - to build robust Cloud-native applications or modernize your legacy apps on Azure. Our Azure Consulting team leverage Azure PaaS to build custom solutions, which focus on a wide range of industry verticals, including Manufacturing, Energy, Utilities, Healthcare, and Logistics.

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