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Build custom solutions around data platform, IoT & Analytics using Azure cloud, for condition monitoring of industrial equipment across Energy, Utilities, Healthcare, and Chemicals

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Preferred Azure cloud consulting partner for smart manufacturers

More than 65% of industrial enterprises across US & Europe work closely with Microsoft products (incl Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Dynamics, etc.). Now, these enterprises are demanding the smart machine manufacturers to generate action-able insights for decision-making, accurate predictions, and recommendations for the continuity of operations as well as to improve assets efficiency. However, this needs several integrated systems that collect and process a lot of data over a period of time. This is where a platform-centric approach provides a lot of behind-the-scenes capabilities, to enable a quick, cost-effective, and scalable method of delivering value to industrial clients.

At Saviant, our industrial consulting & implementation framework helps instruments engineering and machine manufacturers leverage Azure as PaaS platform. We enable them to re-imagine their offering, from simply installing data-emitting hardware for their enterprise clients, to really providing them intelligence-as-a-service, using Azure platform.

We support our clients’ products & technology teams to build customized solutions using Azure as a platform, so that their products can:


Enable capabilities to customize data acquisition

for variety of devices & protocols and generate real-time analytical intelligence.


Easily add AI & machine learning capabilities

for rapidly deployable data insights, tailored for industrial use cases, across AI-enabled text, images, videos, and data files.


Manage devices, sensors, and actuators securely

within network, using Hybrid and cloud database capabilities on Azure, for remote access & analytics.


Secure data in transit & data at rest

with Azure-enabled data security capabilities, to manage and analyze data from hundreds of devices & operations end points.

One of the UK's largest instruments engineering
companies implements real-time data engineering on Azure for monitoring industrial systems

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What we do - our service offerings

As machine manufacturers try to address industry challenges amid dynamic market conditions and latest technology trends, we help them accelerate their product development life cycle operations to build a resilient core, thereby speeding up time-to-market. Apart from helping in new product development initiatives, our teams also assist them in product migration and re-engineering their products to meet dynamic market conditions in terms of features, cost, and performance.


Product engineering & development

Starting from the innovation phase to product deployment and testing phase, we help you in complete product lifecycle. Whether it is cloud & mobility enablement, or adding intelligence to your existing products, our teams deliver all you need.


Product re-engineering

Scale-up your existing products to ensure tech readiness for the next 10 years. We help in re-architecting, re-factoring, or re-platforming existing technology stack and architecture, while enhancing/maintaining the present capabilities of your products, for scalability, security, and performance.


Continuous integration and deployment

We build DevOps strategies and CI/CD pipelines for new product development, deployment, and its continuous updates; through consulting, end-to-end implementation & infrastructure monitoring using DevOps tools like Maven, or Jira.


Product migration – Cloud, On-premises & mobile

Whether it is migrating your existing products to cloud, creating a hybrid structure, or extending your web-based products to mobile, our teams can help you.


Product testing & validation

We test and operate various products in a reliable way. Our teams leverage technology advancements for delivering quality-centric validation & verification services, to ensure your products make lasting impression.


Data platform & analytics

Extend your product capabilities with a combination of data analytics, ML-AI, and data mining, to deliver advanced products. Accelerate your product time-to-market using our proven industrial frameworks.

Real-world use cases for smart equipment & industrial systems

Azure cloud platform provides configurable and extensible PaaS frameworks, for rapid prototyping and deployment of real-world use cases-

  • Condition monitoring for Industrial Machines & Systems
  • Failure prevention with predictive maintenance
  • Safety of Equipment & Operations with Edge monitoring and alerts
  • Forecasting output & outcomes, for industrial systems & machines
  • Asset management, Industrial controls & remote assistance
  • Data Warehousing & Analytics for archiving business-context data
  • Wearables Technology apps for field workers and remote operations

Why smart instruments & machine manufacturers choose Saviant for their Azure roadmap


Azure expertise

Microsoft partner with 7 gold competencies. Deep Azure experience with over 300 solutions built
Quick go-to-market

Quick go-to-market

40% faster development using our industrial frameworks, technology expertise, and ready-to-use IPs
100% solution success rate

100% solution success rate

Successfully delivered solutions across manufacturing, energy, and industrial engineering enterprises

How we work with you

Our Microsoft Azure consulting teams will assist you to attain your goals through four different stages:


1. Assessment of your
Azure adoption

Assessing what devices need to be connected to Azure and understanding what’s missing to create a business use case.


2. Creating a

Building a plan to design, build and deploy a solution using Azure cloud services.


3. Designing the

Creating a robust, scalable architecture that uses the right Azure services and is technology-ready for the next decade.


4. Building Azure solution & ongoing maintenance

Optimizing the solution to help you completely adopt the industrial application through ongoing maintenance support.

Awards & Industry Recognition

Saviant is a preferred Microsoft Azure consulting partner helping smart machine manufacturers create robust enterprise-grade products. We leverage our expertise with Microsoft Azure to build solutions around IoT, Data platform, and AI-ML.

Microsoft Azure consultants

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Azure ensures high availability and disaster recovery for smart machine applications through services like Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup. These services enable manufacturers to replicate applications and data across multiple Azure regions, ensuring operational continuity and minimal downtime in case of outages.

Azure maintains a comprehensive set of compliance offerings to meet a wide range of industry standards and regulations relevant to smart machine manufacturers, including ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR. Azure's built-in compliance features and detailed compliance documentation support manufacturers in meeting their regulatory requirements efficiently.

We assess the size of each project based on its impact on our client’s business. Be it our Consulting projects, or the subsequent implementations using Data, AI, ML, IoT, Cloud or Mobile.

More than a dozen of our customers have seen revenue growth, growth acceleration & operational efficiency benefits from our Implementations – to be from $50Mn to $0.5 Bn. Specifically in terms of Project sizes, some of our biggest Consulting & Implementation projects have spanned 3-4 years, with 25-30 people teams, with budgets of USD 3-5 Mn.

Our processes & systems are designed to collaboratively work with the in-house teams & other vendors-teams of our customers. When co-developing the Azure solutions, our teams are designed to mirror the processes followed by existing teams, be it Scrum-based Agile, Agile XP, CI-CD, DevOps, Security Audits, or anything else.

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