Enabling real-time insights and intelligent actions

Asset-intensive Enterprises are being flooded with ever increasing data coming-in from large number of IoT devices, physical assets, customers, and business. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage such a multitude of data systems, which doesn’t allow one view of data. This limits them to extract intelligence for informed decision-making & accelerated business outcomes.

We are helping Enterprises in such robust implementations by defining their technology roadmap and implementation strategy.

Big Data Analytics Solutions

Big Data Management

Build robust Enterprise data management platform. Store and manage your structured & unstructured data. Uncover unknown correlations and hidden patterns. Get business-critical insights in real-time.

Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics

Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics

Utilize your enterprise data effectively by implementing Data science and Machine Learning solutions. Enable high-value predictions and intelligent actions. Extend your business with AI integration.

Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence


Ingest, store, analyze & visualize your data using cloud-enabled BI tools like Power BI. Get interactive dashboards and personalized reports for data visualization and to make intelligent decisions quickly.

Customer Stories

Solving industry challenges to
accelerate your business outcomes

Energy & Utilities

Smart Utilities

Utilities have SCADA systems and enormous volumes of information coming-in from large number of Water, Electricity and Gas smart meters, multiple MDM and ERP/CRM systems. If this information is leveraged efficiently, Utilities can get better understanding of assets, supply & demand operations and consumers. But with traditional data management systems in place, driving such business decisions seems to be unachievable. Our Data Analytics consulting teams are empowering such Utilities to overcome analytical challenges and in building a modern unified platform; enabling them to:

Build automated VEE system to correct missing & faulty readings

Accurately predict asset failures & future consumption patterns

Monitor various parameters to detect anomalies through advanced analytics solutions

Decrease utility costs with predictive modeling techniques

Gain 360-degree view of customer through consumption analytics

Build automatically heal systems for maximum asset utilization


Intelligent Manufacturing

The Manufacturing sector is at the center of digitization; becoming one of the world’s most dynamic industries. And in this fierce competitive market, only those companies will succeed that serve innovative products & services. These companies generate huge amounts of information coming-in from their assets, equipment, workforce, and customers. But efficient utilization of such information for decision-making is still missing. Analytics companies are helping such businesses transform their business processes leveraging digital technologies. We are one of such Analytics companies offering IoT & Data analytics consulting services for Manufacturing giants that help:

Connect devices/machines/equipment to cloud & collect powerful asset information

Create data management systems for analysis & operational intelligence

Make data-driven decisions for better product availability

Reduce asset failures to zero using asset health reports

Move from traditional model of break-fix to predictive analytics

Build Machine Learning & advanced analytics solutions for business intelligence


Connected Logistics

In our globally connected economy, Logistics companies are facing many challenges. Machinery, raw materials, food products are traveling quite a longer distance, by various means of transportation. And, the transport providers are under constant pressure to deal with risks posed by ever-changing climatic events, on-time deliveries, driver safety and many more. To overcome all these impediments and enable smooth delivery process, such companies need to adopt cutting-edge technologies. Our team of data analytics consultants build custom IoT & Data Analytics solutions to help enterprises:

Create IoT enabled supply chain management solution for business insights

Gain smart insights into supply chain operations for real-time intelligence

Get a unified view of storage equipment, vehicles & machines' information

Improving time-in-transit by implementing smart logistics tracking solution

Analyze vehicle telematics for improved performance & informed decision-making

Accelerate warehousing operations by tracking inventory in real-time

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