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VP - Operations Leading Mfg & Util company, US

Our team at Saviant inherited a complex Azure project and has helped us tremendously in reaching our goals. They have shown the variety of skills that we require and have been flexible and responsive in dedicating resources as needed. Of course, all of this has been provided at a very competitive price. We are moving to a new phase of our product development and have increased the Saviant team members in order to accelerate our product release schedule. I am committed to Saviant since they have shown dedication, skill and commitment to us.

- Mark S.

CEO Galactic Edge, LLC, USA

Our partnership with them has accelerated the growth of Galactic Edge Innovative. We are able to deliver high-quality applications and perform new product research affordably and reliably. After working with many other companies we finally decided to match our delivery and price models to their company, in order to offer the best experience to our demand-side partners and customers. Thanks guys, and keep up the great service!

- Phil G.

President Home Mortgage Solutions firm, USA

This is one of the few programming companies that I have worked with which exceeds all expectations. I have worked with eight different programmers and up to two programming teams within this company and all have been very intelligent, professional and, most importantly, provide direction and recommendations for developing more efficient and user-friendly sites.

- Jonathan P.

IT Leader UK’s largest Gift company, UK

Into The Blue is one of the UK's largest experiences and experience gift companies. Working with this team has opened our business to new possibilities and has removed the main barrier to growth. which is escalating costs. On more than one occasion it has been necessary for us to contact our programmer outside of office hours and at the weekend for some emergency work and he has responded brilliantly and worked whatever extra hours he has needed to do in the call of duty. Our experience at Intotheblue has been very positive indeed and our gift voucher production has become even more efficient and voucher sales have increased after deciding to award the contract to them.

- Robert H.

President & CEO The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc.

I own and run a very successful internet company in the US. I have worked with many programmers and programming companies over the past 10 years that have assisted my firm with various projects, both simple and complicated. Each company in the past has always shown it's limitations unlike the staff here. The level of competency is high and the communication is great! There is no lack of communication despite the difference in countries. I would advise any company of any size that is seeking an affordable solution and looking for both reliability and accountability to give this company a try like I have.

- Michael A S III

President Leading BioTech &Pharma Technology firm, USA

We have been able to take on more business by leveraging their Azure Cloud & ASP .Net experience and manpower. If you are looking for a dedicated team for your Azure development projects, look no further.

- Robert M.

Owner Dynamic Control Systems firm, USA

During the development of our product they quickly understood our needs and requirements and have consistently delivered well-written, well-documented code and on time.Their business model of having all the expertise on staff, required to develop a complex product such as ours, saved us time and money, while all the time allowing us to keep "up to the minute control" of all aspects of the development through their Online Project Management Tool. Teaming up with them also allowed us the flexibility and freedom to hire staff better suited to the needs of a start up.

- Rod C.

Director Of Operations Partner: Directory of Schools

For us, it is extremely comforting knowing that there is a "living, breathing human being" we can talk to, if needed, for support issues. While we are able to handle most of our technical support issue via e-mail or MSN messenger, it's wonderful to know that telephone support is available. Their work has been a major factor in our website's success, helping it to become one of the most visited resources of its kind on the Internet. We grew from a small, fledging start-up to into a stable web business receiving more and more traffic each day - and we couldn't have done it without them.

- Adrian T.

Founder Assurity Technologies United States

They've seen us grow from a start-up consisting of two people, to the successful launch of our product, through to the acquisition of our company by a larger publicly traded organization. In just over two years, our product is now used by over 30 large multinational companies to manage compliance requirements around the account reconciliation function, providing the proof required to support the executive attestation requirement under Sarbanes-Oxley. We are pleased to report that our partnership with their team has delivered benefits we did not originally factor into our assessment, including a faster time to market, as well as the benefit of best practices developed. We simply couldn't have done it without them.

- Heather L.