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Xamarin app development services for mid-sized businesses

Field engineers across industries use instruments for testing, measurements, automation, etc. To do this seamlessly, they need to use their mobile devices and apps that can help them perform specific operations like capturing data or monitoring & controlling the remote assets. And to build such field service apps, Xamarin is the preferrable framework by industrial software product engineering teams. However, successful Xamarin app development depends on several "invisible" components, like data integration systems, cloud infrastructure, and core backend architecture. Our teams assist you to conceptualize, design, build and launch robust industrial apps, whether it is:

Xamarin Native apps

Get native-like performance output with mobile apps built using Xamarin Native for iOS and Android devices. C#, .NET, and Microsoft Visual studio with Xamarin make a complete app framework to deliver seamless user experience.

Migration to MAUI

.NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) is, the evolution of Xamarin.Forms, used to build cross-platform apps for iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. Let our team tackle the challenges to move your apps to .NET MAUI, while you focus on realizing your goals.

Re-engineering existing App

To scale up existing products that should work for next 5-10 years, re-engineering existing architecture and technology stack is important. We define the rearchitecting approach to ensure higher performance, security, and overall tech readiness.

Go-live in less than 10 weeks with custom Xamarin apps

At Saviant, our industrial mobility framework helps smart machine manufacturers & industrial SaaS software providers build Enterprise-grade mobile apps using Xamarin platform, to deliver on mission-critical industrial use cases like:

  • Simplified field operations management
    by connecting and accessing field devices, online or offline data entry, building customized workflows and APIs for integrating ERP as well as CRMs.

  • Real-time machine monitoring & control
    by connecting with IoT devices through Bluetooth/IR/NFC and accessing machine data through a scalable mobile backend architecture(MBaaS) even when offline.

  • Remote access to industrial systems
    by creating mobile version of your industrial SaaS software like ERP, CRM, and MES across Android, iOS.
Mobility framework

Why choose Saviant for your Xamarin & MAUI roadmap

100% solution success rate

99% solution success rate

Successfully delivered 300+ industry solutions across manufacturing, energy, and construction

Simple Pricing

Fixed price structure with a clear, well-defined Scope of Work (SoW) and milestone payments

40% faster development

12 weeks to MVP using accelerator-based approach, ready-to-use IPs, and frameworks

How we work with you

From system assessment to providing on-going maintenance support, our holistic approach ensures to deliver Xamarin mobile app that help achieve your business goals. Our expertise in building industrial solutions has helped to create this efficient process, which includes:


1. Initial assessment

Assessing what kind of industrial instruments, you want to connect or control using mobile app, understanding your business use case & existing backend system.


2. Define product roadmap

Creating a plan to design, develop and deploy Xamarin app,
while keeping in mind the short and long-term objectives to achieve.


3. Design architecture

Creating a scalable architecture, backed by a powerful backend system. Identifying the right technology stack to build app that is tech-ready for the next decade.


4. Xamarin app development

Building app and providing ongoing maintenance support to equip you to completely adopt the Xamarin app and deliver better value to your customers.

Awards & Industry Recognition

Saviant is one of the top companies providing Xamarin consulting & mobile app development services for industrial customers worldwide. We leverage our strong expertise in Xamarin, cloud, Power BI, and modern data platforms, to build custom mobile solutions for technicians to execute their field operations seamlessly.

Xamarin consulting partner

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing Xamarin for cross-platform app development provides a robust and flexible framework. Xamarin app development allows developers to write in a single language, C#, and have access to all the native APIs and performance of native apps. Xamarin also provides a high degree of code reuse, which can speed up the development process. Moreover, being a Microsoft product, it has strong community support and is continually updated and improved.

Xamarin, a popular tool for Xamarin mobile application development, uses C# for coding, unlike other platforms that use JavaScript. It provides direct access to native APIs, and it allows for a higher degree of code reuse, which can lead to more efficient development. Availability of Xamarin’s libraries & third-party Software Development Kits (SDKs), .NET frameworks (Xamarin Studio), and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) (Visual Studio) enable complete cross-platform compatibility.

Migrating to MAUI can provide benefits such as a simplified development process, improved performance, and the ability to target more platforms from a single codebase. This is an important consideration for any organization looking to stay current with the latest technologies.

As a preferred Xamarin app development company by industry leaders, we have successfully implemented projects for customers across Equipment Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Logistics & Transportation, and Process Manufacturing. Our Xamarin app development services have benefited customers across the US, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE, and the APAC region.

Xamarin, a key player in cross-platform app development, provides access to native APIs, allowing apps to use device-specific features and capabilities. This ensures that Xamarin apps can provide a user experience that is on par with native apps. This is a significant advantage of Xamarin mobile application development.

Any other questions not answered? Contact our Xamarin Expert