Data acquisition and visualization for testing & measurement instruments in real-time on Android & iOS Mobile app

US-based instruments manufacturer improves device sales by offering mobile app with their testing and measurement products

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Testing and measurement instruments are the backbone of research and quality assurance across industries. Developers and manufacturers of such instruments aim to provide accurate & reliable measurements and build products & services in compliance with strict tolerances. While accuracy is the most important feature of such hardware, it is the ease of using this instruments & measurement data that further creates competitive edge for these products. Our client was working on one such use case.

About Client

Our client is a leading instrument manufacturer with optical solutions that solve problems in safety, health, and the environment. In 1992, the company built the world’s first miniature spectrometer that led a new way of utilizing spectroscopy. They have solutions across consumer electronics, oil & gas, pharma, etc.

The company has developed a device that uses in-built mini spectrometer to capture the measurement of light. While these devices are highly accurate, their clients needed an end-to-end solution that helps in decision making on optimal lighting environments. But this requires connecting the device to a mobile application that helps the user to capture and view the readings in a quick, painless process with accuracy. Additionally, for analytics, it is imperative the data captured is made available on cloud.


While the client did build an initial version of the mobile application, the company faced with difficulties in –

With this version, the users were not able to easily review the captured measurements graphically and numerically to make decisions as required. Also, without a steady and easy to use version of a mobile app, which works on iOS and Android, the company was unable to sell the measurement devices.


The instrument manufacturer partnered with Saviant to build the architecture on Azure and develop the mobile application using Xamarin to support –

To realize this solution, our industrial consulting & implementation teams have followed a stepwise approach, which included –

This approach enabled the instrument manufacturer to quickly go-to-market with a value proposition that is now at par and even beyond expectations and therefore gives an edge to the devices in both B2C / B2B segments.