A large European Heating Equipment Co. enhances Customer experience by leveraging IoT & Mobility

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Our client, a HeatingEquipmentCo, that began operations in 1970, is the market leader in UK and Ireland for unvented heating systems for residences and commercial spaces. With over 40 years of manufacturing experience in cylinders, they have seen many developments in the manufacturing process. Be it domestic or commercial, the HeatingEquipmentCo is also a well-established brand in the ventilation, heat pump, solar, radiators, and underfloor heating space. They manufacture these products as well as deliver turnkey solutions in tailoring the property’s heating systems. They also provide design and planning services and, after-sales service and support to their customers.

Everyone loves to be able to look at an app and control their thermostats, Air conditioners or lighting. At the very core of smart home businesses lies this consumer aspiration of having a seamless experience. A single smart home application to connect the appliances that give direct control to user; helps reduce energy consumption , saves more money, and improves overall product experience. This calls for an integrated, scalable IoT platform with a chic mobile interface.

A New Opportunity

The HeatingEquipmentCo envisaged tremendous value in leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience. While their core expertise in designing, planning, manufacturing, and installing their products and solutions was a strong value proposition, they had a futuristic vision to give their customers truly “Smart Home Heating Equipment”.

Seamless interactions with the physical world via virtual instructions need a platform with an ability to ingest, process, and present data efficiently across form factors. The ask was not just an IoT platform but also a remote controllable interface to the equipment and a consumer mobile application.

The Solution

The solution had to be scalable and with an architecture that would last for 4-5 years. Only then they would be able to maximize the returns of this technological advancement.

The HeatingEquipmentCo had an IoT platform built using Microsoft Azure platform and a user Mobile Application using the Xamarin Cross-platform Mobility Framework. To realize the vision of connected devices, the Client had their equipment and thermostat Wi-Fi enabled.

Saviant team of IoT consultants with strong expertise in IoT and Mobility solutions helped HeatingEquipmentCo realize the value they envisioned for their customers.


Azure IoT Solution architecture diagram

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