Smart Water Meter Analytics solution | Machine Learning Case Study

Leading Utilities company empowers consumers with Smart Water Meter Analytics for actionable insights

The Challenges

The client needed an Analytical Solution for Smart Meters based on Azure Cloud which can process large amount of data generated from 500000 CDMA based water meters. They wanted to Predict Water Usage consumption to Help Utility Corporation to improve efficiency of water usage and hence reduce cost to both utility as well as customers. Overall they wanted to make consumption data and water usage bill available at real-time to customers and give prompt support to customers effectively.

The Analytical solution had to process large data recorded from water meters into usable format. We approached the situation to utilize Azure ML Algorithm to predict the business needs. In the end both customers as well as the utility firm should benefit by deploying an integrated solution.

Smart meter Data management & Analytics solution

Microsoft Azure PaaS, Azure IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Azure ML, Azure Storage, Notification Hub, And App Service

Our team developed customized Azure ML Algorithm to use data from Azure table and carryoutPredictive analytics. We deployed API solution which Integrates with Web Application and Mobiles to provide analytics on water flow through meters. The system thus became capable of identifying various situations including identifying excessive water usage, leakage, abnormal flow conditions and similar other situations.

With the solution provided by our Azure and Machine Learning consulting experts, customers and utility company achieved real-time access to water consumption data. Notably, the firm saved about 30% of water resource by effectively managing leakages with minimum response time to repair.

SMART water metering data management & analytics solution


With the Smart Meter Analytics solution, utilities & consumers can now track & monitor water consumption pattern to take better decisions. The solution also enabled the client to handle 250 M data records/year in-coming from 500,000 Smart water meters.

A Glimpse of the Mobile App for Water Consumers

Cloud and CDMA based water meter solution
Cloud and CDMA based water meter solution
Cloud and CDMA based water meter solution
Cloud and CDMA based water meter solution

Mark S

Mark S
VP - Operations | Leading Mfg & Util company, US

"Our team at Saviant inherited a complex Azure project and has helped us tremendously in reaching our goals."

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