The Core Challenges

Leading AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) solutions provider for Water & Electric Utility companies, our client, worked with Saviant team, to connect 500,000 CDMA based water meters using Azure. However, the company faced a stupendous task in strengthening its solution with Analytics. Processing large data records from 500,000 meters to generate water consumption insights needed a high-end Smart water meter analytics platform.

In addition to this, real-time water consumption data lead to a challenge in unlocking predictive insights, which can help in improving efficiency of water usage. Further, enabling both consumers as well as the Utility company in taking right decisions towards water conversation. Overall, the Smart water meter analytics solution would enable the company to offer water consumption data; and its usage bill available at real-time for Utility companies & the consumers.

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Mark S
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Leading Manufacturing & Utilities company, US

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Smart Water Meter Data Management & Analytics solution

Microsoft Azure PaaS, Azure IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Storage, Notification Hub, And App Service

The project teams at Saviant bring to table years of experience and strong Analytics & BI expertise in building sustainable solution architectures; to manage large volumes of data and deliver intelligent insights.

Our Machine Learning consulting team enabled the company with high-scale Data Management & Smart Water meter Analytics platform for real-time and predictive insights into water consumption. We developed customized Azure Machine Learning algorithm to use data from Azure table and carryout Predictive analytics. An API solution was deployed which integrates with Web application and Mobiles with the Analytics platform. This helped to provide consumption analytics on-the-fly; by analyzing water flow through meters in real-time. Also, the system enables to identify various abnormalities including excessive water usage, leakage, abnormal flow conditions and similar other situations.

The solution operates with data collection frequency of every 5 minute and helps build healthy water supply network. It also offers asset health analysis, real-time distribution analytics, & predictive maintenance of Smart meters. By utilizing this power of smart water usage insights & alerts, the company enables consumer awareness as well as water conservation; thereby empowering to save millions of gallons of water.

Smart Water Meter Analytics solution architecture diagram
250 Million+

data records/year coming-in from 500,000 Smart water meters can now be managed with the Analytics platform on Azure, which is scalable to 100-times the same volume.


2.5x revenue in 3 years

with transformation of existing hardware by adding data management & analytics capabilities

Large customer profile

from mid size market consisting of Utilities and end-consumers for intelligent insights & actions.

2x Customers

with increased battery life of smart meters and real-time water usage insights to conserve water.

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