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Industrial Enterprises are demanding more...

If you are a smart instruments engineering or equipment manufacturing company specializing in data-emitting hardware for industries like energy, utilities, healthcare, and manufacturing, you know that your industrial customers are demanding more than just reliable hardware.

They seek intelligent solutions that enhance operational efficiency, proactively address maintenance issues, and deliver measurable value​.

Connected asset manufacturers are struggling...

You've likely invested significant resources into addressing these challenges. You may be experimenting with remote monitoring solutions, exploring predictive maintenance strategies, or tackling data integration issues. However, these efforts often face roadblocks. In-house teams, while skilled in hardware and established data analytics practices, may find it difficult to translate customer needs into clear KPIs and a compelling business case for new service-based revenue models. Projects can become overly focused on technical capabilities, while go-to-market timelines fail to drive decision-making.

Additionally, the differences between hardware and software timelines, combined with the need to manage complex dependencies between multiple teams, can lead to significant delays. Without a clear, quantifiable business case, investments in these areas fall short, resulting in delayed launches, solutions that fail to impress customers, and a disappointing return on investment.​


Transitioning from a ​
“One-time hardware sale”
business to ​an ongoing intelligence-as service for their Enterprise clients

In an effort to find a solution, companies like yours often look for a strategic technology partner with the right capabilities and expertise to guide you. At Saviant, we partner with instruments engineering or equipment manufacturing companies just like you to help them build high-performing intelligent solutions, enabling them to offer intelligence-as-a-service to their industrial customers. Our expertise and proven frameworks ensure accelerated time-to-market, enabling you to meet customer expectations and gain a competitive edge.


We prioritize a focus on the business case, ensuring that technology investments drive tangible business outcomes for both you and your customers. Our specialized knowledge bridges the gap between hardware, software, and data domains, streamlining development and maximizing the impact of your solutions. With proven success in mitigating common risks, we help you avoid costly missteps and ensure the timely and successful delivery of your intelligence-driven products.​

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