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The Challenges

Many businesses spend a lot of time in managing their employees; their sick leaves applications, assignments, vacations, and much more. And, it is time-consuming for workforce as well to clock in & out, enter payroll sheets, apply PTO requests and many more activities. To ease the job of such companies and employees, our client developed a workforce management SaaS platform way back in 2015; which boosts productivity and save energy, money & time. Gradually, the company added new functionalities to its product, in order to drive new revenue streams and stay ahead of the competition.

However, consider a scenario wherein an employee is in mobile location starting his day and wants to clock-in. He has to log into the web application and carry out the necessary tasks; which is a time-consuming one in this digital era. Our client wanted to find an innovative way to make these jobs easier and improve productivity even in mobile locations. This triggered for chatbot initiative, where the chatbot can help workforce to execute time-consuming activities in a faster & simpler way through their mobile. As the company is already on Microsoft Azure, it fervently looked for an Azure consulting partner like Saviant; to help utilize available cutting-edge technologies and solve its real-world business problem. The fact that we have developed remarkable successful Microsoft Azure case studies & delivered more than 165 green-field solutions to industry leaders world-wide, has helped us to gain trust & interest of client. Thereby, the client has chosen Saviant as its Azure consulting & development partner for its Enterprise Chatbot initiative.

Azure based Enterprise Chatbot

Azure based Enterprise Chatbot for Workforce Management SaaS platform

Our expertise in leveraging best-in-class Azure services has helped address the client’s challenge with an innovative integrated solution. Our teams have utilized Azure Bot service to build an Enterprise chatbot that integrates seamlessly with the existing workforce management SaaS platform. In this digital era, most people are using Skype, Slack and Facebook messenger; to stay connected with one another from anywhere, anytime though their mobile devices. So, deploying Chatbot on these platforms will help employees/workforce contact the bot easily for quick execution of their tasks.

Our Azure team developed the Azure Bot framework, which is integrated with Skype, Slack & Facebook messenger platforms. After successful login through any of these channels, the user can give any command to the Skype bot/Facebook bot/Slack bot like clock in. The bot receives the command, calls the client’s API to access the workforce management software product and execute the command. This eliminates the need to login to the website to clock in and majorly helps when working from remote locations. List of commands that any user can give to the chatbot include clock in & clock out, activity start & end, timesheet list & total, schedule today or tomorrow, time-off list/add and many more. Azure Bot Service based Enterprise chatbot helps streamline the job of workforce, boosts productivity and provides easy-to-handle workforce management for the businesses. With the chatbot integrated to the existing workforce management SaaS platform, our client was able to expand its customer base and generate new revenue streams. These results reassure Saviant’s ability to rapidly build Azure Bot service-based Enterprise Chatbot solutions, thereby counting this case study as one of our significant Chatbot success stories.

Enterprise chatbot integration with wfm architecture diagram
Azure based Big Data Analytics solution architecture diagram


Enterprise chatbot using Azure Bot Service

enabled scalability, reliability & secure capabilities to the existing SaaS platform.

Boosts Workforce productivity

by using Chatbot to quickly execute their daily tasks like clock in & out and enter payroll sheets.

Company expands customer base

with the new Chatbot feature added to the existing Workforce Management SaaS platform.

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