The Challenges

Our client had an IT infrastructure in place which was built around Microsoft technologies. To make their business process more efficient and intelligent, they wanted to revamp this existing PDA based system to a more modern and powerful solution. It wanted to deliver goods with the assistance of IoT-connected mobile devices with Bluetooth printers and Bluetooth temperature sensors mounted in the trucks. Further it also wanted to be able to gather intelligence about customers’ shopping behavioral patterns so that it could provide them with the most relevant goods and services.

One of the core challenges in this project was to develop a system that could handle these multiple connected devices which were expected to generate million events every single day. Further the system needed to be scalable so that it can handle large data from thousands of trucks. The system also needed to have provisions for storing and analyzing this huge amount of collected data so that patterns could be identified within it.

Mushtaque Ahmed

Mushtaque Ahmed
COO | Food Service, UK

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"They have a very hands-on approach towards problem-solving. Saviant is run by a very young, dynamic group of entrepreneurs. Our biggest appreciation was how focused they are towards delivering the customer’s needs."

Microsoft Azure based Supply Chain Management solution

Windows Phone 8.1, SQLite, Azure Mobile Services, Cloud Services, Cloud Storage, Event Hubs & Stream Analytics, Microsoft Power BI

Saviant built the solution by leveraging several Azure cloud components. In our architecture, SQL Azure DB has been used as a storage platform to store the data generated by the multiple temperature sensors deployed in the client’s delivery trucks. This Azure based supply chain management system provided the ability to scale up and down on demand, and also made it possible to efficiently synchronize the data from the SQLite via Azure Mobile Storage. It also collects data coming-in from IoT devices periodically. Windows Phone (WP) application is used to monitor and stores the temperature.

Supply Chain Management solution

Building the robust & scalable Microsoft Azure solution

Our team triggered few Windows phone background tasks to enable real-time temperature monitoring. The tasks help to transmit real-time temperature data to Azure Event Hub and stores the same information in Azure SQL DB locally. Service Bus Queues were used to transmit messages to the Cloud Services which attributed further scalability and resiliency to the system architecture. Cloud Services like Worker roles enabled communication between Azure SQL DB and the Restful API on the client premise web server.

Our Azure developers have used site-to-site VPN to establish communication between Cloud Services and the on-premise server. The real-time data was sent to the Event Hub which is capable of handling millions of events per second at almost real-time. It was chosen to act as an intermediate storage for logging real-time data. To get a unified view of all the data and visualize it in real-time, we leveraged Power BI tool. This allows the user to track & analyze through graphical representations in the form of Dashboards. These Power BI reports enable the operations team to take intelligent actions quickly.

Cloud-native Solution
Microsoft Azure based Supply chain Management solution architecture diagram

orders/month can be handled using robust Microsoft Azure solution; to ensure efficient delivery of food items to 30,000 customers.


Ensured Customer delight

with efficient delivery of food items to 30,000 customers.

Leverages Azure Cloud services

to handle 60,000 orders/month, and process 2.5 million events every day.

Efficient delivery of 4500+

products to customers using 125+ temperature-controlled connected vehicles and mobile devices.

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