Microsoft Azure Big Data Analytics solution for Media Broadcasting Giant

Germany's largest Media Broadcasting giant adopts Microsoft Azure to build Big Data Analytics solution

The Challenges

The client wanted to modernize their existing legacy system to provide support for high-quality media broadcasting of more than 800 TV, radio, and live events per year across Germany. Their existing legacy system allows users to get registered for the event and upload relevant content for Live broadcasting. However, it had limited architectural support to manage structured and unstructured User Generated Content (UGC), such as large discrete media files, user information, word documents, PDF files, and audio content. The system uses on-premise SQL database approach to store UGC, which resulted in storage costs overhead of more than $7000/month. They wanted to minimize the storage costs and required a scalable and secure data management platform.

Also, the client’s legacy system can handle up to 300 user requests per minute and breaks down, if the user load increases. One of their critical challenges was to avoid such major system breakdowns and downtime to serve on-demand needs seamlessly. Likewise, large discrete UGC data set meant significant security threats from malicious data and the current system had no latest security functionalities & updates to restrict such threats, which also resulted in major system breakdown. Also, the client was moderating media files manually on-premises, but with increase in number of user requests and media content, this task had become time-consuming and cumbersome. In addition to these, converting more than 300 media files into standard formats in a minute was a tedious task for the teams. They also wanted an engaging & intuitive custom user interface with unique layout, which would allow users to upload the content relevant to the specific event they register.

Technology Solution

Azure PaaS, Azure Storage, Azure Health Monitor, Azure Traffic Manager, Azure Active Directory, Azure Media Service, Azure App Service

Our technology expertise in developing cloud-native applications helped modernize the existing system using Azure PaaS. A plethora of Azure services were utilized to build the solution by our Azure big data analytics consultants experts at Saviant. The major solution benefits include:

With this modernized system, the client was able to support high-quality media broadcasting of over 500 events/year across Germany. The solution enabled the client to 'go live' with the application within three months and reduced their data storage costs from $7000 to $500 per month.

Web app development using Azure PaaS


Modernized system powered by Azure, enables the client to handle large discrete media files of over 4 PB/year and cut down data storage costs by 93%. The Multi-Tenant Big Data Management solution was ready to Go-Live in three months, thus being time & cost effective. The solution also provides support to broadcast over 800 events/year; handling more than 1000 concurrent requests/minute.

A Glimpse of the Web Application

Big Data Management of discrete media files

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