The company re-engineers its legacy product suite to Microsoft Cloud-based HTML5 Solution and successfully handles more than 100+ web services.

Our Results

Our client successfully adopted a Cloud based solution to re-platform Flash based tool into HTML5 based interactive platform and handles more than 100 web services for faster performance.

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Business Need

The client is a Real Estate Interactive Technology firm based in Canada. They wanted to build an interactive application to dynamically customize housing floor plans to delight their customers. They had a flash based tool which they needed to re-platform into HTML5 based interactive platform. For this, they wanted a re-engineering solution for their legacy product suite. To maintain huge critical historical data from legacy systems, client wanted a cloud-based solution.

The key challenge meant in re-engineering legacy systems as they were built in VB6 and outdated technology. As HTML provide limited events like single click, double click and right click, client wanted to re-platform it to more usable and interactive design solution. The client required a communicable design framework with more availability of design functions.

Technology Solution

HTML5, JQuery, JavaScript, Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET 4.0, Web Services, SQL

Saviant offers Azure PaaS Consulting services in providing cloud solutions to the clients of varied industries like Real Estate and Construction Industry. Our Azure developer delivered a cloud-based solution to re-engineer the client’s legacy product suite. To perform custom calculation of points, serialization of objects and persistence, and for handling interactive events, we used JavaScript technology in our solution. We produced a rich user interface using HTML5 canvas, JavaScript, and JQuery frameworks. Our team has created all the geometric calculations to transform the objects on various mouse click operations and used Web Services for seamless integration into legacy systems.

We re-platform the client's existing Flash based tool into a highly interactive cloud based solution through Raphael JS & HTML5 canvas. With this cloud solution, we were able to build an interactive application to dynamically customize housing floor plans to its end users. Users can dynamically zoom and change floor plans because of the rich user interface we have provided. With this cloud solution, the client is handling more than 100 web services and accelerating their performance rate.

Legacy modernization using Microsoft Azure

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