The Challenges

The client is a large technology solutions provider for the construction industry. They have multiple user portals that help Home builders to offer customized housing plans for their end customers. The portals also allow the builders, traders, suppliers, corporate admins, customers and other service providers to interact & carry out their day-to-day operations. Multiple portals meant high infrastructure costs, expensive maintenance cycles, and complex data management. With over 2000 users interacting daily, providing secure data access with specific rights was a crucial challenge.

To overcome all these challenges and enable quick production line turnaround, the client wanted to create a next-gen technology solution. They wanted to launch a single portal that integrates all the existing portals, helping the builders to offer on demand Home Models and options. However, large data storage, multiple user authentication, data security, system response time and cost-effective architecture were the most important aspects for the client to consider before integration. The client underwent a thorough assessment of various cloud platforms to deploy their single-integrated user portal. As Azure provides capabilities to handle large volumes of data, owing to 50,000+ models & customization options, they narrowed down to Azure platform for their deployment needs. Additionally, specific features such as scalability, security and system uptime for low response rate strengthened their decision to adopt Azure platform.


Brian Henry
Chief Architect & CTO

"Working with this team has opened our business to new possibilities & has removed the main barrier to growth."

Building a Multi-tenant SaaS application based Azure Solution

Building Azure based Multi-tenant SaaS Application

Saviant deployed a Multi-tenant SaaS application as a Workflow management system using multiple Microsoft Azure services. Our Azure development team built this solution using Web Role, Worker Role and Azure Blob Storage; in order to run applications & service level tasks, ensuring faster data processing and data storage. In the integrated single portal multi-tenant application architecture, Identity Access Management helped ensure secure data integrity & access for more than 2000 users. As multiple users would use the portal, Azure table storage ensures that the latest data gets updated in the system in real-time. It also increased the data transfer rate from 100 transactions to over 1000 transactions per second, with further scope to increase the transaction speed.

The Azure solution provides the capabilities to scale-up as per the need and ensures data-availability at all times. It helped the client to establish real-time communication between traders & builders, thus automating the process to gain profitability and improve efficiency. The system now registers an increase in efficiency by over 150% with high data processing speed. With the multi-tenant SaaS app, the customer satisfaction index has increased from 60% to 90%, increasing the overall business growth by greater than 38%.

Multi-tenant SaaS application based Azure Solution
Azure based Multi-tenant SaaS app architecture diagram


Improved the level of

customer satisfaction index from 60% to 90% in less than a year.

150% increase in system efficiency

due to high data processing speed of SaaS application.

Enabled real-time communication

between Builders & Traders using Multi-tenant SaaS application as a workflow management system.

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