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Most smart instruments manufacturers have years of expertise & deep sensor capabilities to perform their core functions for industrial customers. However, what these B2B customers are really demanding now, are action-able insights for decision-making, accurate predictions about the continuity of operations, improving assets efficiency and predictability of services.

The latter needs several integrated systems on manufacturers’ end, that collect a lot of data, with good context of processes and business. This is where a platform-centric approach enables a quick, cost-effective, and scalable method of delivering value to industrial clients.

Azure platform capabilities

Data Ingestion and Edge

capabilities to help build & manage custom data acquisition for variety of devices & protocols and generate real-time analytical intelligence

Hybrid and cloud database

capabilities to help manage mission-critical devices, sensors and actuators securely within network while using cloud for remote access & analytics

Data security capabilities

across data in transit & data at rest, securely capture, manage and analyze data from millions of devices & operations end points

End user experience integration

with technology design, for developing slick interfaces for plant managers, operators, business stakeholders, etc., - to easily manage their operations

AI & machine learning models

for rapidly deployable data insights, tailored for industrial use cases, across AI-enabled text, images, videos, sensors data and data files

Real-world use cases for smart equipment & industrial systems

Azure Cloud platform provides configurable and extensible PaaS frameworks, for rapid prototyping and deployment of real-world use cases-

  • Condition monitoring for Industrial Machines & Systems
  • Failure prevention with predictive maintenance
  • Safety of Equipment & Operations with Edge monitoring and alerts
  • Forecasting output and outcomes, for industrial
    systems & machines
  • Remote Asset management, Industrial controls and Remote Assistance
  • Data Warehousing & Analytics for archiving all
    business-context data
  • Wearables Technology applications for Field workers & remote operations

Asia’s largest
renewable energy company
predicts Farm Power output for next 72-hours, using Azure & Machine Learning

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Why industry leaders choose Saviant

Strong Azure platform expertise

Microsoft Partner with 7 Gold
competencies in various categories. Delivered 210+ solutions on Azure

Simple pricing engagement model

Fixed price approach with well-defined SoW based projects and milestone based payments

Agile & lean philosophy

12 weeks to MVP using accelerator based approach, ready-to-use IPs, and frameworks