UK’s leading Equipment Manufacturer gears-up to utilize Azure
to build robust & scalable Industrial IoT platform

About the Client

Founded in 1921, our client manufactures and distributes electronic machinery like process control sensors, laboratory instruments, metering, measuring, and doctoring systems. It serves global customers across industries such as pulp and paper manufacturing, food, beverage, waste water, textiles, and cosmetics Headquartered in Switzerland, the company has its technical centers in USA, Germany & Sweden, operating with market-leading technologies & world-class professionals, industry expertise.

The Result

With the IIoT platform PoC, Saviant team showcased that the proposed architecture holds potential to connect millions of instrumentation sensors and handle billions of data for quick analysis & decision support. The client was impressed with the potential benefits of this Industrial internet of things solution; and agreed for its MVP implementation of robust & scalable IIoT platform.

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The Challenges

Our client globally assists its customers from Pulp & Paper manufacturing industry, to help them achieve sustainable gains through its industrial applications and market-leading technologies. This includes high-performance laboratory instruments, high-specialty pulp & paper process control sensors and more instruments. It was facing huge challenges due to old/traditional systems, when it comes to collect, store & process the incoming instrument data. For example, our client offers brightness transmitter instrument that monitors dyes & color for guaranteeing paper quality using optical measurement technique. This instrument shares the relevant data that can be utilized for effective working of paper machine or recycled fiber applications. But, the client’s existing system lacked capabilities to provide real-time visibility of such data; for operations team to take intelligent decisions.

The existing industrial application allows to connect all instruments in a mill with a gateway via LoRa wireless network. But, it is one directional setup and the gateway transfers instrument data to a server/cloud. The system lacked capabilities to aggregate, process, analyze & visualize collected data for quick analysis and decision support. Additionally, it doesn’t provide tracking and reporting of instrumentation health, analyze sensor conditions & availabilities and provide diagnostics for maintenance & health monitoring assessments; thereby it doesn’t generate alarms or errors in case of emergency. Our client wanted to overcome all these impediments smartly and build an intelligent IoT solution that would help improve its customers’ business performance.

Robust & Scalable IIoT Platform

IoT Hub, No SQL/SQL storage, Web Dashboard, Azure Ingestion App & Azure Processing App

Our client geared up to smartly address all these business challenges using our Industrial IoT services and built this innovative IIoT solution. Collaborated as an intelligent solutions partner with the client, Saviant team proposed for a proof-of-concept; to isolate technical issues, establish viability, suggest overall direction and for internal decision-making process.

Our client’s PoC implementation took a multipronged approach involving defining IIoT platform roadmap in manufacturing, advising latest technology use, analyzing existing system capabilities, and understanding existing data. Let’s understand the architecture of PoC that our IoT consultants have created, which:

  • Utilizes Azure IoT Hub as a gateway to establish two-way communication between the connected sensors and Azure.

  • The PoC utilizes Azure Processing App, enabled using Azure Web jobs, to analyze the IoT based Sensor conditions and their availability for control.

  • Azure No SQL/SQL storage helped to aggregate the IoT data collected for storage & visualization.

  • Uses Azure Web Dashboard to visualize data for quick analysis and decision support. This helps in diagnostics for health monitoring and instruments’ maintenance assessments.

  • Included a Notification engine that generates alerts/alarms based on the sensor conditions, helping the operations team to keep a watch on the instruments.

This IIoT PoC holds numerous potential benefits due to its robust capabilities that help in data aggregation, analytics, tracking & reporting, instrument health monitoring & triggering alarms/errors.

A Glimpse of the Web Application

Azure IIoT implementation web application

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