Why use Azure Cognitive Services for intelligent AI application developments

Azure Cognitive Services

Many Enterprises around the world look forward to delivering more personalized and engaging intelligent experiences. And, building & integrating such implementations require robust cloud platform, right technology expertise and development tools. Microsoft offers Azure Cognitive Services that provides the most comprehensive set of pre-built Artificial intelligence capabilities. It enables building of AI solutions without the need of machine learning expertise. With just an API call, you can enable the ability to hear, see, understand, speak and integrate decision-making capabilities in your apps. Azure Cognitive services also offer pre-trained AI models that can be used directly in the applications.

Why use Azure Cognitive Services

The AI models used in Cognitive services have been growing rapidly. As the cognitive services are available in discrete components, it is easy for Azure developers to use in the existing apps. This, in turn, helps the businesses to accelerate the development of intelligent applications for quick go-to-market. Let’s look at how various Azure AI cognitive services are helping in develop apps.

  1. Enable rich user experiences with Decision Services

    Decision Services include a Personalizer and content moderator. Personalizer enables reinforcement learning through easy-to-use APIs and is the only AI service available in the market. It allows to create personalized, rich experiences for users. When you give a use case or presentable information, it comes up with a result and recommends you what will give the best results. And based on your reaction it keeps oAn learning and provides you a personalized experience for recommendations. Content moderator actually helps to change any offensive content or unwanted content for the users and give a personalized experience.
  2. Extract deeper insights from any kind of content quickly with Vision Services

    Vision services help in identifying and analyzing content within videos, digital ink, and images. It offers Computer Vision, Custom Vision, Face, Form Recogniser, and Video Indexer. Form recognizer is really helpful for the people working with input forms of data or information. This service learns the forms and gives you a JSON document representation of the form, which can be used in your application. 80-90% of the time that analyst spends on entering the data can now be spent on focusing more higher-value & challenging tasks. Also, the Face detector can detect the crowd emotions and get the crowd insights stored in the database. However, for companies to build this kind of powerful intelligent applications need strong Azure expertise. Experienced & well-versed Machine learning consulting team can help them define technology roadmap; in order to realize their business objectives.

  3. Accelerate productivity with Immersive Reader for receipt understanding

    Azure cognitive services have recent addition of a new API using Immersive Reader for receipt understanding. When you get a receipt, you need to again write it in your application and calculate the expenses; but with this service you can just click a picture of the receipt and run the API. It can extract meaning from unstructured text and will automatically understand the receipt. It gives you the information like address, expenses, store name and all the data will be stored to cloud or your local machine as per your host settings.

  4. Enable quick, safe, custom search on world-wide-web with Web Search

    Web search cognitive services help you to find anything you are looking from the world-wide-web and it uses intelligent techniques such as type-ahead capabilities that help you complete your queries faster, create custom search engine for you with ad-free results. It allows image search option to your application that detect the image and provide matching results. It helps to identify and fix any names spelling, slangs or brands. It also provides location enabled search for the users and get relevant information from web based on your area. So, Azure cognitive services transform the unstructured data and provides you a relevant & personalized experience.

Get Started with Azure Cognitive Services

Many companies do not want their data to be stored in the Azure cloud, for multiple reasons like privacy concerns or regulatory reasons. But with the availability of Azure Cognitive services in containers, this issue is no more a concern. You can deploy these containers in own data centers and your data never gets out of it, thus maintaining the data privacy & security. Thereby, running the pre-set Artificial Intelligence models will quickly help transform your unstructured data into meaningful information.

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