Is ‘Azure Sentinel’ part of your next Cloud Implementation? Everything you need to know about it

Azure Sentinel

What is Microsoft Azure Sentinel?

Most of us are unaware of the latest Azure Service that Microsoft has come up with i.e. AZURE SENTINEL. Azure sentinel is what most of the people consider as a Security information and event management (SIEM) tool but it's not just that. It is an intelligent security analytics for Enterprises. Azure sentinel is based on AI to analyze any security threats which might be hovering over your data, application, servers, devices running on-premises, etc. It is an addition to the hybrid cloud security landscape.

Why to use Microsoft Azure Sentinel for your business?

Most of the enterprises' SIEM waste their efforts and time in building, handling and maintaining the infrastructure. It is quite time consuming, therefore to overcome this major issue Microsoft came up with a security system based on Azure and AI that protects all cloud-based data, information and on-premises apps. You don't have to build or maintain any infrastructure and there are no upfront costs. You only pay for what you use. It's economical and very efficient in collecting, detecting, analyzing and solving all sorts of threats or log. AI detects serious threats easily and solves them intelligently without you being bothered about the infrastructure and whole set up thing.

Azure Sentinel has distinct and prominent features such as

  • Built-in AI: Azure Sentinel includes built in AI to focus on real threats quickly with machine learning feature. It learns from the daily signals it gets based on trillions of analysis and track security breaches. With AI it can easily collect, detect, analyze and respond to threats.
  • Cloud SIEM: Microsoft Azure sentinel is purely cloud based with amazing scaling capabilities that not only protects Azure but also helps to protect other cloud services. It can analyze data from Office 365, cloud app security, etc.
  • Automatic Response: Azure sentinel features automatic detection and responses to the threats and keep your enterprise secure. Due to the automated response feature it is highly favorable choice.
  • Easy Installation: Azure SIEM tool is a perfect security information and event management tool and it even doesn’t need any complex installation. It has a very easy infrastructure setup that is not time consuming.
  • Deep Investigation: Threats can be easily investigated through Azure Sentinel that starts with cases which can be filtered by criteria. Hunting capability of sentinel includes search and query tools that use multiple data sources to deeply analyze and detect issues.

Azure Sentinel Implementation

Azure Sentinel is built on Azure Log Analytics that is able to collect data or information from various security logs that turn it into a manageable form. Strongest recommended impact is on Microsoft 365.

Azure sentinel collects information from various environments and it can be implemented on platforms including:

  • Azure Identity protection
  • MS Cloud App security
  • Azure Information protection
  • Advanced threat protection

Software integration with third party tools like Cisco ASA or multiple firewalls is also available to implement sentinel and more platforms are still coming. Custom connectors addition to Azure sentinel is not difficult as it can work with any input in Syslog format given or the common event format. The REST API available in Azure sentinel makes it easy to implement with any other connector.

So basically, Azure Sentinel is the best choice for enterprises that are on cloud and it has many benefits. The main feature which makes it a treasured choice is its Artificial Intelligence feature which enables it to detect, collect, analyze and respond threats; thus, reducing the time taken to discern threats. It has an eagle eye over your entire enterprise thus giving your data the best security, an enterprise can get. Azure consulting teams are exploring the possibilities & benefits that Azure Sentinel has to offer; when integrated with the existing cloud applications.

Get started with Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel might not be ready for production environment, but it provides a motivation to adopt or increase the use of Azure Log Analytics. Azure sentinel is a cost effective method for implementing a cloud based SIEM tool with integrated AI to analyze a large volume of data from applications, users, devices and servers on any platform. Azure Sentinel is featuring a platform that allows to build unique insights, threat intelligence and detection with machine learning models for an enterprise.

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