How Azure helps?

by Melbin Areekuzhi

Windows Azure is a Development and Hosting Platform with on-demand computing & infinite scalability and Azure is already helping Entrepreneurs & Enterprises across the globe to:

  1. Develop and Deploy at once - as Azure not only provides an Application Hosting environment, but also a full-scale Development Platform with advanced tools integrated into MS Visual Studio to enable effortless Development and Testing.
  2. Focus on Core functionality - as Azure allows development team to worry only about application functionality, and not about scale, failover, deployment, etc.
  3. Ensure Re-usability of existing resources - as Azure supports all latest Microsoft Technologies which means you can reuse majority of your code base, developer skills and training investments.
  4. Run only Operational Expenditure - since with Azure, you pay only for usage - and you ensure ZERO upfront Capital Expenditure.
  5. Achieve highly increased Development Productivity - as Azure provides advanced Tools and Project Management capabilities, that help to drastically reduce overall application development, maintenance and support costs.

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