Why will Intelligent Digital Twins become an Industrial Manufacturing Must-Have?


The evolution of the manufacturing sector is being significantly influenced by the introduction and integration of digital twins. These virtual representations of physical entities are not just technological advancements but are reshaping the very fabric of industrial operations. A recent article by Saviant Consulting, featured on Plant Engineering, delves deep into the transformative potential of digital twins in the realm of industrial manufacturing, and why smart device and equipment manufacturers must include digital twins in their product roadmap. Plant Engineering stands as a leading source of information for the manufacturing and industrial sectors, offering insights into the latest trends and innovations.

In this comprehensive piece, the emphasis is laid on the various forms of digital twins, such as product twins, production twins, and performance twins. The article sheds light on their pivotal roles in areas like design optimization, process automation, predictive maintenance, and data-driven decision-making.

The narrative further explores the projected growth of the digital twin market, expected to reach a staggering $73.5 billion by 2027. With 70% of top-tier technology executives contemplating investments in this domain, the article underscores the urgency and importance of this technological shift.

Highlighting the tangible benefits of digital twins, the article speaks of accelerated product development cycles, enhanced product quality, advanced training opportunities, and a significant push towards sustainability. It also emphasizes the role of manufacturers of smart devices and equipment in this transformation, advocating for the integration of digital twins in their product blueprints.

In summation, the article presents a compelling case for the adoption of digital twins in the manufacturing sector. It beckons industrial enterprises to embrace this change, highlighting its potential to redefine operational efficiencies, product quality, and overall business outcomes.

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