How Saviant empowers Azure Development teams to unlock Productivity & Innovation

Anubhav Dwivedi Anubhav Dwivedi | Jun 20, 2020
Azure Development team

Developers have been pioneering innovation and are the key drivers of digital transformation across numerous industries. Organizations which empower their developers to innovate and build software based on their ideas yield better & faster results. Microsoft refers to this as Developer Velocity.

In a recent post, Executive Vice President of Microsoft Cloud & AI group, Scott Guthrie outlines what Developer Velocity is all about and emphasizes that, if you enable developers to build productively, collaborate securely & globally, and scale their innovation, you will experience better business outcomes.

Every organization must build this culture of Developer Velocity, which enables developers to solve more problems, build more, and innovate more. Such organizations will also outperform revenue growth to that of their competitors. And, Microsoft is at the core of building such tools & software that support the unique needs of modern developers and engineering teams. At Saviant, we are empowering our developers with best-in-class tools to build and deliver cost-effective, secure, Azure-based solutions; for our global industrial customers across Equipment manufacturing, Energy, Utilities, Logistics, Healthcare and Retail.

Let’s take a walk through the details on how we are empowering Azure development teams to unlock productivity & innovation.

Employing best-in-class tools to build productively

Hiring top engineering talent is the key driver for any organization’s digital transformation. Further, providing opportunities to work on their interesting projects and enabling them with best-in-class tools & engineering systems will help unlock more productivity. At Saviant, we infuse modern software development practices and focus on:

  • Automating core development processes like CI/CD and software testing; to enable developers to focus on what matters the most.
  • Empowering developers or giving them the flexibility to develop applications using their favorite languages and frameworks, thereby empowering them to be more productive.
  • Leveraging products like Visual Studio and Visual Studio Codespaces, our developers use best-in-class tools to code, collaborate, and ship from everywhere.

Embracing Open-source technologies to collaborate securely & globally

For many top-performing organizations, open-source adoption is the biggest differentiator. However, open-source capabilities aren't limited to the technology only, but it extends to creating a mindset – a culture of knowledge contributing & sharing to Microsoft Azure software development within an organization. At Saviant, we’ve created this culture by:
  • Enabling effective collaboration among the teams to be more satisfied and productive.
  • Employing collaboration best practices through GitHub and enabling developers to communicate effectively internally.
  • With GitHub Actions for Azure, a recent announcement made by Microsoft, a seamless & secure code-to-cloud experience is now made easy for our development teams.

Adopting the latest Microsoft Azure products to scale innovation

Public-cloud adoption acts as a catalyst for Developer Velocity. And one such public platform, Microsoft Azure, enables developers to focus on developing apps and not to worry about the app infrastructure. The platform supports developers’ favorite open-source frameworks, tools, and languages as well as creates simple pathways for learning new skills. Our Azure development teams leverage the latest innovations like:

  • Windows Server containers for Azure Kubernetes Service - for modernization of web applications with ease.
  • Addition of new capabilities to Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Cosmos DB - to scale their applications for performance and speed.
  • Power Apps – a low-code application development platform, with Azure enables rapid development of Mobile & Web applications.

Beyond the foundation: Empowering Microsoft Azure Software Development teams to unlock productivity & innovation

McKinsey & Company, in its comprehensive review report, identified that the organizations which excel in monetizing their developer's ingenuity have a greater developer velocity index and hence, regarded as a technology company. It refers to the Developer Velocity Index (DVI) – a single holistic metric that identifies the critical factors (related to working practices, organizational, technology, enablement) to achieve Developer Velocity. Organizations that excel in offering the right tools, product management, talent management, and culture build software faster and deliver greater business outcomes. Many companies have already started improving productivity & innovation of their software development teams, with the large support of Microsoft Cloud platform and developer tools.

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