Is Python an ideal choice for Enterprise Application Development?

Published on 20th July 2018

Python for Enterprise App development

Is Python enterprise-ready? That’s one of the big questions being asked by most Enterprises.

Enterprises, today, require scalable & high-performance business solutions, which are running on Web, Mobile or Desktop. Such solutions help them gain competitive edge; by improving operational efficiency, maximize asset utilization, and generate modern business revenue. Applications that can easily be integrated with the business environment is what all they need. And, every enterprise app needs to be custom designed to fit the operational needs. This makes choosing the right tool as the most critical. Using simple & flexible scripting language, such as Python, these Enterprise applications can be quickly developed. But what is so special about Python? Python is a popular object-oriented language. According to the StackOverflow 2020 Developer Survey, Python is the third most loved programming language, with 66.7% of the developers voting.

A Quick look at Python: Reasons Why Python is an ideal choice

There are many reasons that make Python development an excellent choice for building Enterprise Apps.

  • Scalable: Python’s ability to scale throughout the development lifecycle makes it enterprise ready. Developers can use it to write code that scales without the need to integrate multiple technologies.
  • Amazing library: Python offers a vast library that ensures a hassle-free development environment. Some of the popular Python libraries, including Panda, Numpy, Keras, and Tensorflow.
  • Easier to code and maintain: There is no doubt that Python is easier to code and maintain due to its similarity with natural languages such as English.
  • Fast prototyping: Enterprises can benefit from short development cycles where Python can create fast prototypes.
  • Excellent community: Python has a fantastic community of developers who help each other to solve complex problems. You will not find yourself stuck at a problem for long due to the amazing community surrounding it.
  • Package management: Python’s package management enables the engineering team to connect with different projects. The package management is also helpful to write usable code for future usage.

Misconceptions about Python in Enterprise environments

In most enterprise development, developers utilize .NET, C++, and Java as their primary programming language. Python, in its initial few years, was not enterprise-ready. However, it is now that it has evolved into an enterprise-grade programming language with frameworks such as Flask, Django, and so on!

How Python has evolved now and is a right fit for Enterprise app

Python’s journey from a simple OOP language started in the early 2000s. From there, most of the programming languages and ecosystems have improved drastically. It now has a great ecosystem managed and maintained by big companies, including Facebook.

Python libraries, on the other hand, are well-maintained due to its open-source nature. The demise of other enterprise-grade programming languages such as Java has also pushed Python as a better choice for enterprise development. Java not being open source saw adware inclusion in their release bundles. As Python is open-sourced, it doesn’t suffer from any such issues.

In conclusion,

Python has grown with time and is now an ideal choice for enterprise development. Be it to develop web applications or create a data analytics environment, Python based application development has now become a preferable choice.

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