Who Benefits from Azure

by Melbin Areekuzhi

Microsoft Azure for Entrepreneurs & Enterprises

"If your .Net Apps need to be Future-ready today, you should build them on Azure"

If you are an Entrepreneur or an Enterprise building a web based application with below nature, you'd stand to gain the maximum from Azure Cloud Adoption:

  1. A web-based B2C application that your end-users will use and pay for; and you expect it to scale up to a large user base.
  2. A web-based B2C application with unpredictable demand - where application usage may be very high during peak periods while very low at other times (like Gift purchase sites during Holiday season).
  3. An Enterprise application that is integrated with several other critical systems and needs continuous availability & high performance for its end users.
  4. A web-based B2C/B2B application that serves huge amounts of data (like a videos/documents sharing site) and needs high performance and availability.
  5. A web-based B2B application that has highly varying usage patterns across the year, and also needs high availability and performance.
  6. Any of your existing web-applications that need to serve purposes as above but cannot scale up due to capacity and design issues - are also good candidates for migrating to Cloud.

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