Referral Program


To expedite our efforts in hiring the best talent to support Saviant’s business growth.

Who can refer

Any external person who is not directly or indirectly connected with Saviant or doing business or employed by the company.

Candidate Eligibility

  1. We should not have received the referred candidate’s profile through some other source of recruitment before or we should not have interviewed the referred candidate in the last 9 months.
  2. Referred Candidates must meet the basic qualifications and requirements for Referral eligible positions.
  3. Referred candidates must follow the defined recruitment process for the position.


  1. In order to refer a candidate, please send his/her resume to along with the nature of association you have with him/her.
  2. All referred candidates will go through the same interview process as other candidates the company is evaluating.
  3. A referral does not guarantee that the candidate will be interviewed or hired.
  4. Updates on all the referred candidates will be shared by Saviant Talent Acquisition team through email within 5 working days (at every stage of recruitment process).

Referral Bonus

The referral bonus amount is INR 40,000 which will be paid upon successful completion of the following stages of candidate recruitment process:

  1. INR 10,000 - payable for your referred candidate when it moves beyond the 1st round of interview.
  2. Another INR 20,000 – when the referred candidate actually joins us. (this amount will be paid once the candidate completes3 month with Saviant).
  3. Also, if the referred candidate joins us within 30-days of the offer, there will be an additional referral bonus of INR 10,000 for their early joining.
  4. Referral amount will be transferred to your bank account (shared by you during the process), within 10 days on successful completion of relevant recruitment stages.
  5. All amounts are subject to taxes applicable as per prevailing rules.

Saviant Interview Process

  1. HR Screening: Our Talent Acquisition Specialist will connect with your referral and explain the potential opportunity available and take necessary steps as appropriate.
  2. Application Form: Referral will have to provide complete and accurate information before the interview process as per the application form.
  3. Technical Interview: Detailed technical interview/s will be conducted to understand referral’s area of interest & strengths.

Based on the position, typically 2 to 3 rounds of interviews are conducted.

Pre-requisites for Offer roll-out

  1. Once we finalise referred candidate is required to submit a certain set of documents to verify the information provided by him/her during the HR screening.
  2. Offer is made upon verifying these details and as per the candidate’s fitment in the organisation

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