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Solution Engineer - DevOps

Location: Pune (India)

Position Summary:
Solution Engineer in Saviant helps our customers develop enterprise applications with different business domain using the most advanced Microsoft technology stack, methodologies and standards within the agreed timelines.

Individuals in this role should have strong analytical and problem solving skills, and enjoy hands on programming work.

Your Role & Responsibilities at Saviant:
As a part of agile team environment, you are expected to independently work on end-to-end project delivery which includes –

  1. Designing, developing and implementing quality solutions to meet complex project requirements as per defined timelines.
  2. Creating Technical Design documents.
  3. Exercising independent judgment in evaluating alternative technical solutions.
  4. Providing high level estimates for the assigned tasks/modules.
  5. Participating in code and design review process.
  6. Preparing unit test cases for quality check of the deliverables.
  7. Guiding junior members of the team.
  8. Suggesting new processes, tools, techniques etc to improve the quality of work.
  9. Constantly upgrading by learning technologies beyond traditional area of expertise.

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  1. Azure: 5 + years’ experience with using a broad range of Azure technologies to develop and maintain an Azure-based cloud and On-premise solution, Dot Net Core, Python, C#, MVC, ReactJS, Python, Android, IOS, Linux, Windows.
  2. Strong Experience in the full life cycle of Azure DevOps.
  3. Experience with DevOps Orchestration/Configuration/CI-CD (Continuous Integration Management technologies such as Azure DevOps).
  4. Creating Pipelines, Release Management and Environments in Azure DevOps.
  5. Experience in Git , TFS, CodeBase Management and branching strategies.
  6. Azure Boards Creation and Application Life Cycle Management.
  7. Create and Manage Azure DevOps User Roles and Custom Roles.
  8. Create Pre and Post Approval Workflows & Stage Gates.
  9. Create and Manage Automations for Creating Work Items, tasks, Assign tasks to users through Scripts like Powershell, etc.
  10. Evaluate Artifacts and Create Policies for Azure DevOps.

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