Workflow management with Cloud-native Field Mobility Solution

RealEstateTechCo achieves real-time visibility into its workflow management with Cloud-native Field Service Mobility Solution

RealEstateTechCo is based in Lakewood, Colorado. They are widely recognized as a leader in providing customizable workflow management system (WMS), ERP, Accounting, Home Building etc.

The journey for RealEstateTechCo began during the mid-1990s. They noticed that builders and property developers spurned technology and lacked sophisticated IT infrastructures. They started with software solutions for data reporting, scheduling, training, business and implementation processing etc. Today, 10,000+ home building professionals use their workflow management system.

RealEstateTechCo, however, depended heavily on legacy systems. The absence of field and enterprise mobility brought their products and services on a challenging path.

Challenges due to single tenancy

RealEstateTechCo was determined to simplify business processes for its customers. But they used desktop applications, which allowed only one user per system. In case of a device failure, the system experienced downtime. It impacted the speed of decision making. It was difficult to customize and upgrade the solutions. The upgrades demanded special skills, consumed heavy time and cost. There existed challenges with assessing the software code and optimizing the momentum of data processing. It was a matter of question of secure accesses for 2000+ users who interacted with each other using these systems. It was a problem especially when RealEstateTechCo generated large volumes of data owing to 50,000+ models and customization options.

All this resulted in a high turnaround time for business decisions and activities.

Integration Challenges

RealEstateTechCo’s desktop applications experienced challenges of integration with other software solutions designed for other business functions. There existed zero to less interaction and integration within every platform. It proved to be an issue with multiple stakeholders, tasks, locations, home development projects and priorities.

No real-time data visibility

In the absence of a field mobility solution, RealEstateTechCo’s customers did not receive real-time data on resources, tasks and their progress. They stayed disconnected and remained unaware of the construction workers’ productivity, daily task progress and communication

With a large trader network to contribute to home building, RealEstateTechCo required task updates, construction progress, material quantities consumed, required etc. The several linked business units to these updates could have experienced setbacks due to unavailability of this data. They required a connected workflow management system which would get all the builders, traders and workforce at the same platform. It challenged apt decision making and led to possibilities of data inaccuracy. It also impacted the turnaround time for further tasks and represented operational inefficiency.

Scalability challenges

RealEstateTechCo’s products and services faced challenges with scaling up their solutions. This affected the performance and data management. It also impacted the amount of data to be stored, processed and retrieved. It became a challenge to reduce the solution response time, malware troubleshooting and system upgrades. The solution downtime could have increased and interfered with activities linked to attaining business goals.

UX Challenges

RealestateTechCo’s customers faced a likelihood of negative user experiences with their products and services. Their workflow management systems and other platforms had the potential to perform better but legacy systems did not permit them. These systems were slow, demanded several actions for simple tasks and were prone to errors. There were chances of task and effort duplication too. The customer confidence and satisfaction levels were at a threat for RealEstateTechCo.

Technology Solution

A connected workforce which allowed real-time visibility of the operations, was the requirement for RealEstateTechCo. Thus, a field mobility solution was built in the form of a highly scalable architecture. It empowered RealEstateTechCo’s customers, the builders, home developers, their workers, superintendents, traders, vendors, suppliers etc to communicate with an integrated platform. Thus, real-time visibility of operations, tasks, task progress, inventory management, invoicing was automated. It helped reduce manual efforts and the time associated with it. Mobile responsiveness helped users to make decisions on-the-go and send/receive real-time data at all times. This cross-platform hybrid mobile app was compatible across multiple devices and platforms viz. Android, iOS & Windows phones and tablets. With better interface, faster loading times, and responsive, it provided a better user experience. Smaller display screens were also able to display all necessary data along with it. The mobile application enabled quick and secure access to messaging module of home builder application via mobile devices. This solution was valued for its high-performance engine to process more than 25,000 records within 5 seconds. The customers enhanced the business growth by over 38% and reduced their cycle time to 155 days/home from an earlier 220 – 250 days/home. This solution also made sure there was a 40% increase in the operational productivity. With the solution, the customer satisfaction index has increased from 60% to 90%, increasing the overall business growth by greater than 38%.

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