The Challenges

From frozen, dry, and fresh food to items such as cleaning and paper products, our client offers everything that its customers need to run their business. It is not an easy feat for the company to understand its operational performance as well as customer behavior, while offering 4,500 products for its 30,000 plus customers from 16 central warehouses. Delivering food items to different customers means different routes, workforce and assets; and ensuring that each delivery is a success becomes increasingly challenging. Similarly, for the client to keep a watch on food stock damage, loss, waste, fraud, and risk is also a challenging task. Adding to it is the delivery drivers’ performance that the company must deal with in order to improve food-supply chain efficiency.

Today, Microsoft Dynamics AX powers the company’s entire operations - starting from procurement, route, and stock management to order processing and inventory management. It generates huge amount of data that gets stored in this ERP, but no means to consistently tap into this gold mine. The company had no single view of assets & operational data, driver behavioural data, food temperature threshold data, customer delivery data, inventory data and the other significant data that would reveal critical business insights. To overcome all these challenges, our client wanted a business intelligence solution that can enable them to take better decisions towards running the food delivery operations efficiently. It would empower the operations team with relevant & timely reporting to react quickly.

Mushtaque Ahmed

Mushtaque Ahmed
COO | Food Service, UK

clutch Review

"Creating a single view of large volumes of Customer, Product and Field force data was critical, to drive efficiencies in our supply chain operations. Saviant team's technical know-how and commitment in providing a solution that best fits our needs has been impressive."

The Smart Microsoft Power BI Solution

Our expertise in Cold Chain Monitoring & Food Service logistics has helped build business intelligence solution that transforms data into intelligence. Power BI consultants leveraged Microsoft Power BI tool to provide interactive logistics dashboards with rich visuals and self-service capabilities required to empower client’s operations team. The tool connects to an on-premise ERP system that collects staggering amounts of data - assets & operations data, food items’ temperature data, customer order delivery data, and workforce data. The BI solution provides the transportation & logistics team with insights on food delivery operations; starting from route planning, warehouse to fulfilling customer order, in not more than two seconds. It also allows the operations team to take intelligent decisions for efficiently manage their supply chain operations; making their job simpler & easier. Although this solution was delivered as a proof-of-concept, our client could see the impressive potential benefits.

Unlocking a variety of Business Insights

  1. Temperature Threshold Analytics: During the food order delivery, the frozen & chiller temperature of food items can exceed the threshold value. If the temperature is not optimal then there is a risk that the customer will return the goods. Analyzing the threshold exceeding events can help take better actions to ensure minimal risk of returning the goods. In addition, while supplying food items to 30,000 customers, the risk of stock damage/loss is higher. However, to manage & keep a watch on the list of damaged products in real-time is increasingly difficult. Power BI helps extract business intelligence accurately by providing a single view of the data for the operations team to understand the damages and losses incurred in a month.
  2. Driver Behaviour & Productivity Score Analytics: Optimizing field-force operations is crucial to boost supply-chain operational efficiency. Each driver’s performance depends on the number of food deliveries completed/partially delivered/cancelled and the average delivery time. Power BI report gives detailed analysis of driver performance and the productivity score to help determine the areas of improvement to boost their efficiency.
  3. Customer analytics: Few customers change their decisions after they place the order and may accept or reject the goods at the time of delivery. To avoid these kind of events, a detailed analytical report helps the operations team to find the customer accounts that show similar behaviour.

Drivers’ Behaviour & Productivity Score analytics is achieved through Power BI solution; to determine the areas of improvement and boost their efficiency.


Interactive Power BI Dashboard

to keep a watch on the list of damaged products in real-time.

Analysis of 30,000+

customers' behavior to track the events that involve rejection of goods at the time of delivery.

The Power BI solution allows

the operations team to track & manage their food delivery operations in real-time.

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