Building custom Data Integration solutions for your business

To extract actionable insights from data – stored in relational, non-relational, on-premise, or Cloud storage systems, it is quite essential to integrate all such data in one place. This demands the need for processes that refine such enormous stores of data into meaningful insights. Custom data integration solutions orchestrate & operationalize all such processes for you to analyze the data and derive business intelligence. We deliver data integration services and solutions for industries across Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Construction, HealthCare, and Consumer Goods & Distribution.

Here’re few Data Integration Solutions in action

Data Integration, Production Analytics, BI Solution

Data Integration, Production Analytics & BI Solution

  • Leading HVAC Equipment Manufacturing giant digitally transforms its operations. It has discrete data sources including ERP, CRM & Financial systems that store company, production, material data.
  • Azure Data Factory allowed building data pipelines to ingest data from such disparate data sources and push it into Azure SQL.
  • Data Lake Analysis enables data aggregation & Transformation for the company to visualize the data.
  • Understanding the gaps at Production, Shipping as well as Assembly for efficiency is no more a concern for the company.
  • Power BI dashboards highlight critical KPIs enabling intelligent business decision-making on-the-fly.
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Automated Data Integration & Reporting system

Automated Data Integration & Reporting system for Sales Analytics

  • World’s leading Chocolate Manufacturer adopts Azure to ingest, prepare & transform data for Business intelligence.
  • With 1200 distributors, million retailers & thousands of products, the company generates enormous volume of data which gets stored in disparate sources. And, data extraction was a manual process.
  • Azure Data Factory helped integrate & organize all such raw data into meaningful data for business intelligence. Also, the Data-driven workflows helped orchestrate & transform data movement at scale.
  • Monitoring SKU-level global sales is now easy & quick with an automated data integration & reporting system.
  • On the other hand, Power BI dashboards like Sales Flash Card, Sales Trend Detail (with drill-down for KPIs) for Mobile & Desktop enables Business intelligence.
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Solving your complex data integration challenges using Azure Data Factory

Code-free Data Transformation

With Azure Data Factory, data integration & transformation is now easy & fast. Use zero code to prepare data, build ELT & ETL processes, orchestrate as well as monitor pipelines. Let Azure Data Factory service generate the code for you while you focus on gaining intelligence.

Easy & quick SSIS Modernization

Extending SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and rehosting it on Cloud is a few clicks away. Cut-down your costs by 88% with Hybrid benefit. Drive data warehousing & hybrid big data initiatives using data pipelines created using Azure Data Factory.

Powerful Data Ingestion workflow

No more time consuming, intensive processes and solutions to ingest data from multiple sources. Acquire your data from data warehouses like Teradata or Oracle Exadata, Big data sources such as HDFS or Amazon Redshift, and SaaS apps through built-in connectors.

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