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Bhushan Patil

Bhushan Patil 
Solution Architect

Bhushan specializes in designing Data analytics platform, Cloud solutions & Mobile apps. His areas of expertise include strategic analysis, process improvements & relationship building.

He brings-in the right team - a combination of business understanding, solutioning and technology expertise - to solve your complex business challenges. Continue the conversation.

Page updated in Nov, 2020

Data Science solutions

Custom Data Science Solutions: Your journey to greater awareness.

Data-driven solutions such as predictive analytics, asset health monitoring, forecasting, fault detection, preventative maintenance, and customer analysis take higher priority for industry leaders like you. Such implementations help optimize business operations, improve productivity and enable accelerated business outcomes. However, the right team of data scientists is a must to analyze the data and define the implementation strategy to build these solutions.

Our teams are helping innovative companies move through the journey; starting with data extraction/ingestion, validation, transformation, ML model building, and analytics to the final goal of deriving intelligence. We build custom data science solutions that give decision-makers greater real-time awareness of what is happening in their area of concern.

Here’re few Data Analytics Solutions we delivered

Reducing penalties for Utilities

Forecasting Energy demands for a Utility using machine learning

Using historical and real-time data and ML algorithms applied, a leading Energy company is able to forecast wind power generation.

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ML for predictive asset maintenance

Global Instrumentation company uses Azure ML for predictive maintenance

The company improves the accuracy of asset fault diagnosis while reducing risk of asset repair using ML-based automated fault diagnostic system.

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AI-driven fault identification in buildings

Premier restoration company relies on AI for project needs

With AI-driven fault identification solution, the company improves and accelerates its process of building restoration and preservation.

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