Building custom Data Warehouse solutions
to bring all your massive discrete data to a single data repository

Have massive amounts of data at varied disparate sources? Want to integrate all such data sources and create centralized storage for reporting and analysis. To build such robust solutions, you may face challenges with data architecture design and the integration of varied data sources. Also, your data needs to be formatted, validated, cleansed, summarized as well as reorganized; before it's being stored at a single repository. Let Data warehouse experts handle all these challenges for you, while you stay focused on generating business value.

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Predictive Analytics on Azure

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and Predictive Analytics on Azure

  • Creating a centralized data repository to get the data from discrete sources was the main challenge for an Energy Solutions provider.
  • Data coming from Wind Turbine Generators (WTG), SCADA, Material data & Numerical Weather prediction can help in predictive analytics
  • A single data repository on Cloud was designed & developed to store and transform data into an understandable format.
  • With added ML capabilities to the data platform, the organization can track/monitor the condition of assets.
  • The data warehousing & analytics solution generates automated reports, which enable planning of scheduled maintenance cycles and shutdowns; gearing-up for Wind power forecasting.
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Sales & Production data aggregation for Reporting & Analytics

Sales & Production data aggregation for Reporting & Analytics

  • World's Largest Food & Beverage Company, having 2000+ brands and operating in 191 countries gears-up for a data analytics platform.
  • Handling a large volume of production & sales data, using its current VM-based data platform was the major challenge for the company.
  • To aggregate such data, a robust integrated Datawarehouse architecture was needed to be designed and developed.
  • Data, coming-in the form of CSV format, goes through Data harmonization (ETL) & transformation processes, and gets stored in the central repository.
  • Modernized Data platform uses Azure Data Factory, Datawarehouse, Azure Analysis Services, Web app, and Power BI enabling self-serve reports.
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Solve your complex Data Warehousing challenges using major Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure Synapse

Updated and evolved version of Azure SQL Data warehousing, Azure Synapse allows you to combine enterprise data warehousing with big data analytics quickly. Unlocking the power of business intelligence and machine learning as part of your complete data framework is easy & quick with Azure Synapse. If you are already on Microsoft Azure, then Synapse is the best fit for your data warehousing initiative.


Leading data warehousing solution provider, Snowflake, offers you to choose any cloud technology to build the solution. Make your business data-driven and enable amazing customer experiences with Snowflake data mart strategy. Reduce unnecessary complexity, simplify reliable architecture, and improve data pipeline with Snowflake. Enabling self-service access to any functionality you need is simple and fast.

Amazon Redshift

A popular data warehousing platform, Amazon Redshift integrates seamlessly with your AWS and Data lake environment. Enormous volumes of structured and semi-structured data can be easily queried from a host of varied settings. Data extract, loading, and transforming are made easy with its integration with AWS Glue. Realize the performance benefits by using Redshift for your data warehousing initiatives.

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