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Industrial enterprises use millions of Instruments/devices to collect loads of data from sensors and control systems. However, given the variety of sensors & control systems, the enterprises are still struggling to leverage all such data at the required frequency. And therefore, are faced with sub-optimal accuracy of red flag alerts, leading to sub-standard quality of decision-making and timeliness of actions.

Smart hardware & machine manufacturers, which supply instruments to such enterprises, need to further add new digital capabilities to solve their customers’ core problems and improve execution in their own business. These include capturing of high-value data, with required context of customer’s business and integrating with industrial systems for further Analytics & Alerts.

At Saviant, our industrial data engineering frameworks help instruments engineering & machine manufacturers to use machine data as an asset to help their industrial enterprise customers run fault-less operations.

Capture, collect, prepare & transform device data

Capture data

of high volume & velocity, from different devices and data sources. Use protocols like OPC UA/DA & Modbus to capture data moving at real time speed between devices, PLCs/SCADA systems to edge servers. Standardize data with protocols like OPC UA & MT Connect.

Edge processing

on the device itself or on a field gateway. Connect the industrial equipment to the cloud using a field gateway, which enables protocol & identity translation, edge processing and analytics by adhering to network security policies (ISA 95, ISA 99).

Cloud gateway

like Azure IoT Hub to enable secure device connectivity, data ingestion,
and bi-directional communication with smart devices including device management on Cloud. Connect millions of smart devices to cloud seamlessly.

World’s leading supplier of
test & measurement
instruments implements data engineering for
enabling condition monitoring of equipment

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Real-world use cases

  • Real time data acquisition of machine data
  • Controlling mission critical parameters from cloud or remotely
  • Monitoring machine performance in real-time
  • Scalable Data acquisition platform
  • Standardization of data platform for smart capture & secure connectivity

Why Industry Leaders choose Saviant

Strong Azure Platform Expertise

Microsoft Partner with 7 Gold
competencies in various categories. Delivered 210+ solutions on Azure

Simple Pricing Engagement Model

Fixed price approach with well-defined SoW based projects and milestone based payments

Agile & Lean Philosophy

12 weeks to MVP using accelerator based approach, ready-to-use IPs, and frameworks