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Industrial Enterprises use millions of smart instruments/devices that are connected and configured, to send/receive data over various networks to cloud applications and software systems. However, these enterprises are still struggling with vulnerabilities, with respect to data in transit or at rest, which have the potential to cause shutdown of profit-making operations, data loss, or even life-threatening physical danger. Therefore, the need to adequately secure their smart devices for capturing & analyzing data from millions of devices.

Majority of smart instruments manufacturers are adopting the traditional data security requirements of integrity, availability, and confidentiality, to solve such challenges. But what these companies must do, now, is to adopt the digital capabilities to secure their devices from the ground up and at all points in the enterprise customer’s ecosystem, in order to prevent vulnerabilities in one part from exposing the security of the whole.

At Saviant, our industrial data engineering frameworks help instruments engineering & machine manufacturers to protect smart device data to help their industrial customers in seamless continuity of business operations.

How we work with you

Our device data security consulting & implementation teams follow four distinct stages to get you to your goals within a few weeks/months.


Assess data security risks

Assessment to find what are the most likely threats and examine vulnerabilities in your smart devices and network systems


Understanding the risks & prioritizing concerns

Review the concerns and eliminate the ones not relevant to business scenarios of industrial enterprises


Designing evaluation strategy

Based on the threats or vulnerabilities, create & build the strategy that addresses the risk scenarios


Implementation & ongoing maintenance

Build a secure platform/solution with enhanced capabilities of security, scalability, performance, availability, and maintenance

Solving data security challenges for smart instruments and equipment manufacturers

With diverse data types among smart devices and multiple data sources, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution that can protect the data. However, throughout the channel of data, from smart device to cloud, there are 3 areas of vulnerabilities – data in transit, data at rest and end-point access.

For Smart instruments manufacturers to overcome data security challenges, they need to protect devices, processes, services, & data. For this they need to -

  • Take advantage of multi-layer software defenses, hardware security, device monitoring and renewable security capabilities
  • Employ certificate-based authentication as well as encryption
  • Leverage secure infrastructure like Azure and comprehensive compliance offerings and privacy controls
  • Use XDR, SOAR/SIEM and security posture management tools

US-based leading
smart meter manufacturing company re-architects legacy data system to enhance data security of industrial devices

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Why instruments manufacturers choose Saviant

Strong Azure Platform Expertise

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Simple Pricing Engagement Model

Fixed price approach with well-defined SoW based projects and milestone based payments

Agile & Lean

12 weeks to MVP using accelerator based approach, ready-to-use IPs, and frameworks