A leading HR consulting company accelerates its app life cycle through Continuous Integration

About the Client

Our client is a National HR Support company, based in the US dedicated to empower organizations to make informed decisions regarding multitudes of HR solutions. This 20+ year old company is helping the employers improve their hiring and HR management functions by assisting them with corrective plan of action.

Our Results

The continuous integration solution helped the client in improving the code quality and project visibility. This resulted in 50% reduction in the time to market enabling the client to release the MVP in a week’s time.

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Business Need

Our client wanted to deploy a solution to their IIS environment on a VM in Azure, for which, they planned to follow the traditional process to deploy their application. However, this would result in various operational challenges which includes transferring files via FTP, making configuration changes, setting-up website, assigning IP and managing application pool. Also, this manual deployment process gave no option to downgrade to the previous version in absence of versioning and no scope to perform integration testing or branching. These challenges would eventually lead to an increase in the development time, high susceptibility to errors, loss of business time, increased maintenance costs and ultimately high time-to-market.

To overcome these challenges, the client wanted to automate the deployment process in order to accelerate their build activity and to be able to develop, test and deploy code after every change. They were looking for a partner who could help them in setting up the environment to speed-up their deployment process, time-to-market and to enable them to perform integration testing or branching.

Technology Solution

Saviant followed a structural process to breakdown their challenges into smaller activities. To begin with, we engaged with the client to assess their Continuous Integration and agile scrum needs. Our CI team architected the objectives and strategies, with emphasis on code coverage to optimise the code. A Cloud-powered CI tool, Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), was leveraged to integrate continuous integration practices into the app development process. The tool facilitated build, version & release management and integrating & branching operations.

As a part of setting-up the environment in agile development, our continuous integration consulting team linked the application to VSTS Source Control and connected Azure to VSTS account. We leveraged WinRM (Windows Remote Management) services to configure IIS and deployed the package using another WinRM service. Similar process was followed for setting-up the staging, testing and production environments.

By adopting Continuous Integration, the client was able to deploy app to the testing environment in a single check-in. The continuous integration strategies ensured that the tested and derived artefact gets deployed to staging or the production environment.

DevOps Continuous integration solution architecture

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