A leading Utility giant cuts time-to-market by 50% with DevOps

About the Client

The client is an independent AMR provider for water, gas, and electric utility markets. Its products are designed for utilities who desire high-performance technologies which ensure flexible and safe investments in AMR.

Our Results

The CI/CD set-up helped the client in increasing release velocity by 60%, reduced deployment failures and faster development cycle. The client now has an integrated system that provides simple version control, robust build & release management and easy-to-use application life cycle management.

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Business Need

Until now, the client was using SVN check-ins as the version control system and deploying manually on Azure. Also, an absence in automation resulted in longer release cycles and a delay in resolution of conflicts. Furthermore, an absence of continuous integration set-up led to complex situations while the team performed integration testing. There was also a strong need to link the CI set-up to application life cycle management system in order to improve project management reporting and dashboarding.

Technology Solution

As per our DevOps adoption strategy, we assessed the existing system and identified the challenges. The team then devised strategies to overcome the challenges. We replaced SVN with TFVC (Team foundation Version Control) and VSTS as the tool set for version control system and build & release management system respectively. VSTS was chosen based on its ability to work seamlessly with Microsoft workloads.

We evaluated the client’s existing system and found that it had 2 inter-related projects. The base solution (project 1) acted as a feeder for project 2 which consisted of 5 web roles and 3 worker roles.

Our team developed a CI pipeline for project 1 and ensured that its artefacts are properly fed to project 2 using Nuget. We then created CI/CD pipeline for project 2 and ensured that the builds are triggered at each check-in and auto-deployment is carried-out in the stipulated time-frame.

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