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Building DevOps environment for increased efficiency & faster application delivery

Expedite application delivery with end-to-end implementation of DevOps strategies

Most enterprises follow a manual process to build their applications, which is a tedious process that hampers the quality of code as well as the time-to-market. This process results in poor clarity and visibility of the project due to lack of team cohesion while merging and exchanging code to build an application. This also causes delays in critical business decision making hampering project deployment. Thus, Continuous integration is a concept that speeds-up project delivery while maintaining high quality of code which eventually accelerates the time-to-market.

Continuous integration demands a centralized system that offers reporting, requirement management, project management and automated builds capabilities. Also, setting up and maintaining a continuous integration process along with adapting the culture is a challenge. Hence, we help enterprises to overcome these challenges through Cloud powered collaboration tools like Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and in-depth need assessments for end-to-end implementation of DevOps strategy

Leading Utility giant adopts DevOps culture and cuts time-to-market by 50%

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Integrate code continuously, perform automated tests and roll-out apps quickly with automated workflows

In the last stage of a traditional development process, the testing team checks the quality of code manually. This leads to an inadequate & inconsistent testing pattern which results in plenty of bugs as well as integration and deployment issues. This causes a steep increase in the maintenance costs and delays in time-to-market. Hence, Continuous integration is the best solution as it helps development teams to integrate their code-work frequently to detect integration errors early.

CI also reduces manual testing efforts due to the integration of automated tests as a part of the build process. We leverage industry-leading CI tools like Jenkins that allows to build and test projects continuously. This makes it easier for development & testing team to integrate changes in order to accelerate the quality check process.

HR Services company implements CI/CD solution for quick App life cycle & time-to-market

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Continuous Integration Solution for faster Time-to-Market

A HR Services company adopts CI practice to expedite app life cycle and achieves 50% reduction in the time to market. The solution enabled them to release the MVP in a week’s time.

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7 Reasons to adopt the Continuous Integration process

CI environment helps streamline the development & deployment processes. Each integration triggers an automated build allowing development teams to detect problems early. This blog elucidates the key reasons to adopt CI.

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Quickly implement CI/CD practices for Enterprise-wide DevOps adoption

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