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Industrial enterprises continuously focus on how to generate more revenue, improve the bottom line, and increase company’s long-term value. However, it takes a lot of analysis and decision-making to identify the right opportunities within their value chain to realize any of the above goals. And there’s a need to use frameworks to structure the analysis and arrive at any conclusions.

At Saviant, our teams follow a well-proven, industry-acclaimed consulting framework to help our customers identify the right problems, their cause-effect correlations, and define the best-fit solutions that are feasible for implementation.

Saviant's industrial consulting framework
Saviant’s industrial consulting framework

Saviant’s industrial consulting framework includes 5 parts – Problem identification, Prioritization & setting boundaries, Risk analysis, Generating solution components, and Synthesizing findings. Let’s take a walk-through each one.

1. Problem identification - Are we handling the right problem?

  1. Identifying and defining the problem
    • Identification of real problem and not the symptoms
    • Identification of the missing information which obscures real problem
    • Identification of critical success factors
  2. Understanding and validating the problem
    • Understanding the environmental factors of the problem (Outside In)
    • Identifying why the problem came and initial pointers of solving it.
    • Stakeholder discussion
    • Business and Functional Best Practices
    • As- Is process

2. Prioritization and setting boundaries - Are we breaking down the problem into logical components, identifying high impact levers and aligning those to customer expectations?

  • Understanding problem components
  • Understanding high impact levers
  • Defining ‘What to do’ and ‘What not to do’

3. Risk analysis - Are we ensuring no collateral issues?

  • Identifying hidden assumptions
  • Identifying uncertainty and unforeseen Impacts
  • Making sure that solving one problem does not create another

4. Generating solution components - Are we choosing not only the solution but the best solution?

  • Brainstorming
  • Reverse brainstorming

5. Synthesizing Findings - Are we able to combine all findings into a logical structure to highlight required insights?

  • Assemble solution components
  • Link back to the problem statement

Through this consulting lifecycle approach, our customers recognize the business needs precisely, get unknowns out in the early phase, choose the best optimal solution, get it right the first time, and not only solve the problem but also add business value.

Within a span of last 6 years, we’ve delivered 300+ successful projects for innovative Enterprises across the industries of Energy, Utilities, Logistics, Retail & Supply Chain management, and Equipment Manufacturing. We are among the world’s few successful consulting companies, who have a Platform solution approach for large-scale implementations across Cloud, IoT, Big Data, Decision Sciences, and Intelligent solutions for driving business operations.

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