Industrial IoT solutions

Developing scalable & high-performing IIoT solutions for smart devices and machines for -

  • Condition monitoring & machine diagnostics
  • Predictive maintenance of assets
  • Real-time measurement analysis
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Trusted by 150+ industrial enterprises

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Building custom Industrial IoT solutions for smart manufacturers

Industrial enterprises need smarter solutions from machines and instruments manufacturers. The solutions that integrate seamlessly with their other industrial software and information systems. Each and every enterprise faces different challenges and therefore need different customizations to these solutions. Be it acquiring data from various protocols, or doing real-time analytics for system diagnostics, condition monitoring, or predictive maintenance, integrating with ERPs; force-fitting off-the-shelf software for all scenarios doesn't generate the required results. Consequently, you need the ability to architect an integrated industrial IoT solution, which can be easily customized for your multiple clients.

At Saviant, we help build IIoT solutions that can be tailor-made as per different client requirements, while enabling a subscription model for your business. Our teams build such solutions using industrial frameworks that have been tested for various clients that provide benefits like -


Customizable solutions for different scenarios

as per your enterprise clients’ needs. Accelerate delivery time and create customer success.


Complete ownership of IP of IIoT platform

as opposed to off the shelf solution where you cannot own the solution.


Capabilities to create digital twin

of the industrial equipment for comparisons and to provide more accurate prediction.


Refined or created Industrial IoT strategy

to determine the highest value ways to integrate IoT into your client’s existing business environment.

Industrial IoT solutions

World's 3rd largest
thermal processing
equipment manufacturer implements IIoT solution to monitor & control machines

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Why smart machine manufacturers choose Saviant for their Industrial IoT roadmap

Enterprise-grade solutions

Enterprise-grade solutions

Building solutions that are technology ready for next decade, with optimized project costs & best practices
Quick go-to-market

Quick go-to-market

40% faster development using our industrial frameworks, technology expertise, and ready-to-use IPs
100% solution success rate

100% solution success rate

Successfully delivered 300+ solutions across manufacturing, energy, and industrial engineering enterprises

How we work with you

Our industrial IoT consulting teams follow four distinct stages to help achieve your goals:


1. IIoT readiness

Assessing what’s your current state of IoT adoption, understand your industrial devices, scenario & readiness to build IIoT solution.


2. Constructing
a roadmap

What's missing to form a business case & creating the plan to build the solution while realizing the short and long-term objectives.


3. Architecture designing & identifying technology stack

to develop a scalable, high-performing IIoT solution that is technology-ready for the next decade.


4. Building IIoT solution & ongoing improvements

to derive better value for business and provide maintenance support to completely adopt the industrial IoT solution.

How Saviant helps smart machine manufacturers

Industrial IoT

Given the variety of sensors & control systems, the industrial enterprises are struggling to leverage all such data for monitoring and analysis. And, are faced with sub-optimal accuracy of red flag alerts, leading to sub-standard quality of decision-making.

Azure IoT consulting

Cloud gateways like Azure IoT Hub enables secure device connectivity, data ingestion, and bi-directional communication with smart devices. Connect your hundreds of smart devices to cloud seamlessly using Azure platform.

IoT consulting

Industrial enterprises need hundreds of smart devices to collect loads of data from sensors and systems. Leverage your devices & data management capabilities on Cloud, to build a mature solution that can be customized for your clients’ needs.

Awards & Industry Recognition

Saviant is the trusted Industrial IoT consulting company that helps smart machine manufacturers create enterprise-grade products and industrial IoT applications. Our teams help customers in forecasting, process optimizations, and predictive maintenance. They use their expertise in Industrial Internet of Things, data engineering, and advanced analytics on cloud platforms.

Industrial IoT services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Majority of our successful implementations have come with customers in industries like Equipment Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Power & Utilities, and Oil & Gas. These implementations have been across the US, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE and APAC.

The biggest business benefits in these implementations have been where CXOs, VPs, and Directors – across Operations, Finance, and Technology. They have been directly involved in Roadmap creation & Execution planning.

We assess the size of each project based on its impact on our client’s business. Be it our Consulting projects or the subsequent implementations using Data, AI, ML, IoT, Cloud, or Mobile.

More than a dozen of our customers have seen revenue growth, growth acceleration & operational efficiency benefits from our Implementations – to be from $50Mn to $0.5 Bn. Specifically, in terms of Project sizes, some of our biggest Consulting & Implementation projects have spanned 3-4 years, with 25-30 people teams, with budgets of USD 3-5 Mn. Read more success stories

We provide local support to all our customers through our offices in India, as well as through local partner offices in US-east, US-mountain, US-central, US-pacific, UK, UAE, and Aus. Some of the customers are jointly supported with local Microsoft teams, AWS teams, and Data Platform partners in that region.

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