Enabling intelligent actions through custom Smart Utility solutions

To put digital technology to work, most Utility companies are not lacking innovative ideas; but they are facing immense challenge in turning them into a logical set of strategy-based initiatives, which can deliver significant impact. They must invest in IT architecture and analytics capabilities that enable them to develop quickly and unlock business-critical insights from data; thereby to make more informed decisions.

Our experts are helping such Utilities in their strategic initiatives around digital transformation; by defining their technology roadmap and building custom smart utility solutions. We are enabling intelligent actions with smart utility systems that deal with peak load management, energy efficiency, customer segmentation, leak analysis, outage analytics and water conservation.

Tracking Energy, Gas & Water consumption for utilities & consumers

Utilities must re-examine and transform their business models to thrive in this digital world. With Smart metering and Utility analytics solutions, utilities can tack & get access to smart asset data, consumers’ information, utility distribution & consumption history and many more for deep understanding of their utility usage habits & operations. They can capitalize on the benefits of such smart metering and smart grid solutions by exploiting the advantages directly.

Utilities must identify potential tipping points through data analytics & machine learning models and respond proactively to the rising threats like leakages, theft, and outages. Our industry experts help utilities in optimizing grid operations, improving asset performance, preventing utility loss, and enabling intelligent actions through cutting-edge solutions; thereby helping them achieve full value from Smart metering operations data.

Creating Smart Infrastructure solutions for larger network visibility

In the asset-heavy Utilities sector, aging infrastructure would lead to increased maintenance costs, leakage, quality & load control issues, inefficient voltage regulation, network and distribution management systems. The companies need to elevate existing AMI & AMR technologies to an advanced approach through smart infrastructure solutions. They can make their distribution systems more responsive, resilient and efficient with SIS solutions, which combine data technologies, software, and hardware for actionable insights.

Stretched supply lines and greater input costs are also pushing Utilities for adopting SIS to and enable transformation across the value chain. We deliver optimized and integrated SIS, which aid their business objectives such as theft and fraud detection, outage mitigation & restoration, water leakages, and predictive maintenance to name a few.

Customer Stories

Machine learning implementation

Reducing penalties for Utilities with Machine learning implementation

Leading Energy company forecasts its power generation accurately using algorithms that run through asset health data of 450+ Wind turbines.

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VEE Data management

World-class supplier of SIS for Water, Gas & Electric Utilities

With the automated VEE Data management & Analytics system, today, the company validates & corrects data from 1.2Mn smart meters.

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Enabling Utilities

Enabling Utilities & Consumers take intelligent actions to conserve water

Independent American AMR provider launches Mobile apps for consumers to understand their water usage pattern & make informed decisions.

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