IoT Consulting for Smart Equipment Manufacturers

  • Asset Monitoring & Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Device Condition Monitoring
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IoT Implementation Partner for mid-sized & large OEMs

  • Client Location: Norwalk |
  • Emp. Size: 700+ |
  • Founded: 1962 |
  • Revenue: $180M

American Instrumentation giant gains real-time visibility over its assets’ health with IIoT solution

Company’s Enterprise gateway connects instruments that are linked to equipment for collecting its condition data. But the existing system lacked real-time visibility on device conditional abnormalities, such as malfunctioning or dead device. Also, it lacked capabilities to handle such multiple Enterprise gateways. To overcome these challenges, a robust IIoT platform with a Cloud-based Web App interface was developed. It provides real-time insights on equipment condition and can scale-up to connect 100+ Enterprise gateways.

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  • Client Location: Surrey |
  • Emp. Size: 10,000+ |
  • Founded: 1915 |
  • Revenue: $200M

Manufacturing leader reduces time & risk of asset repair using IIoT based fault diagnostic system

Machine learning models that run on asset health data provide insights to support automated fault diagnostic system. And, this robust IIoT platform helps gather data from 3000+ end-devices. With the Azure based Web application interface, the operations team can perform vibration analytics and generate actionable insights for predictive maintenance of assets. Thereby, it helped decrease the cost and risk of decision making associated with asset health.

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  • Client Location: England |
  • Emp. Size: 900+ |
  • Founded: 1989

UK’s leading Food Service specialist achieves real-time visibility of its supply chain in real-time

The company’s operations team needed to communicate with its supply chain in real-time whilst the drivers and vehicles were in transit. These vehicles are multi temperature-controlled food delivery vehicles; which contain freezers and chillers that were equipped with BLE Temperature Sensors. To communicate with these sensors in real-time, a Mobile App was developed using Xamarin by our IoT consulting team. The company now monitors & controls fresh food temperature in-transit using Web & Mobile app and ensures delivery of high-quality food items to serve 30,000 customers.

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  • Client Location: Mumbai |
  • Emp. Size: 800+ |
  • Founded: 1995 |
  • Revenue: $720M

World’s largest Wind Turbine supplier detects asset failure beforehand and optimizes Wind Power generation

Knowing the cause of asset failure is important to achieve maximum up-time of turbines and generate optimum power output. And, it is critical to find whether the fault took place in the blades, brake pad, gearbox, shaft, etc. To address this, the company built a secure Cloud-based asset condition monitoring Web app with the help pf our IoT development team. This enhanced the speed & reliability of decision-making for scheduled maintenance cycles of wind farms and planned shutdowns.

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  • Accelerator based approach, ready-to-use IPs & Development Frameworks

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