IoT Consulting Services for Smart Machine Manufacturers

Develop custom IoT applications for smart instruments and machines using Azure & AWS, across Energy, Utilities, Healthcare, Chemicals, and Oil & Gas

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Why do smart machine manufacturers build custom IoT solutions?

For providing better value to your industrial clients, you need to deliver products that help integrate their IT and OT. That needs the ability to architect a solution, which ensures high-performance data acquisition, seamless device management, end-to-end data security, communication over various protocols, overall performance, and end-user experience.

At Saviant, our industrial consulting & implementation framework helps instruments engineering and machines manufacturers build real-time IoT solutions, using Azure & AWS as a platform. We provide IoT consulting services enabling them to re-imagine their offering, from simply installing data-emitting hardware for their enterprise clients, to really providing them intelligence-as-a-service from operations.

We support our clients’ products & technology teams to build customized solutions, so that they can:


Connect smart machines & devices securely to cloud

to acquire real-time operations data of high volume & velocity and ensure data security, both in-transit and at-rest.


Easily add analytics capabilities in your solution

for analyzing data streaming from live IoT devices and derive insights for running fault-less operations.


Extend cloud intelligence to edge devices

and enable the devices to react quickly for any local changes and continue operating even in long offline periods.


Manage sensors and smart devices securely

within network for easy onboarding, remote access & analytics, using cloud database capabilities.

IoT consulting services

One of the UK's largest
instruments engineering
companies implements IoT solution on Azure for testing & monitoring industrial equipment

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What we do - our service offerings

As machine manufacturers try to address industry challenges amid dynamic market conditions and latest technology trends, we help them accelerate their product development life cycle operations to build a resilient core, thereby speeding up time-to-market. Apart from helping in new product development initiatives, our teams also assist them in product migration and re-engineering their products to meet dynamic market conditions in terms of features, cost, and performance.


Product engineering & development

Starting from the innovation phase to product deployment and testing phase, we help you in complete product lifecycle. Whether it is cloud & mobility enablement, or adding intelligence to your existing products, our teams deliver all you need.


Product re-engineering

Scale-up your existing products to ensure tech readiness for the next 10 years. We help in re-architecting, re-factoring, or re-platforming existing technology stack and architecture, while enhancing/maintaining the present capabilities of your products, for scalability, security, and performance.


Continuous integration and deployment

We build DevOps strategies and CI/CD pipelines for new product development, deployment, and its continuous updates; through consulting, end-to-end implementation & infrastructure monitoring using DevOps tools like Maven, or Jira.


Product migration – Cloud, On-premises & mobile

Whether it is migrating your existing products to cloud, creating a hybrid structure, or extending your web-based products to mobile, our teams can help you.


Product testing & validation

We test and operate various products in a reliable way. Our teams leverage technology advancements for delivering quality-centric validation & verification services, to ensure your products make lasting impression.


Data platform & analytics

Extend your product capabilities with a combination of data analytics, ML-AI, and data mining, to deliver advanced products. Accelerate your product time-to-market using our proven industrial frameworks.

Why smart machine manufacturers choose Saviant for their IoT roadmap

Quick go-to-market

Quick go-to-market

40% faster development using our industrial frameworks, IoT technology expertise, and ready-to-use IPs
99% solution success rate

99% solution success rate

Successfully delivered 300+ solutions across manufacturing, energy, and industrial engineering enterprises
Enterprise-grade solutions

Enterprise-grade solutions

Building solutions that are technology ready for next decade, with optimized project costs & best practices

How we work with you - our IoT consulting approach

Our Internet of Things consulting teams build custom solutions to realize your goals using a holistic approach, which includes:


1. Assessment for IoT readiness

Assess what is your current state of cloud adoption. Understand your devices, scenario, and your readiness to build IoT solution.

Constructing roadmap

2. Constructing

What’s missing to form a business case & creating the plan to build the solution while realizing the short and long-term objectives.

Designing architecture

3. Designing architecture & building application

Solution designing, identifying technology stack & developing IoT solution that is technology-ready for the next decade.

Ongoing support and maintenance

4. Ongoing support and maintenance

Providing support to completely adopt the solution including onboarding of new devices and address any maintenance issues.

Awards & Industry Recognition

Saviant offers IoT consulting services to design & build robust enterprise-grade solutions, for data acquisition, condition monitoring, device management, and predictive maintenance. Our consultants help in your IoT strategy and projects around IoT application, Industrial Analytics, and ML solutions, using expertise in the Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure & AWS, and modern data platforms.

Industrial IoT services

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Saviant, our team ensures scalability in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions by designing a robust architecture backed by cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure. These high-end, cloud-based IIoT solutions enable onboarding of hundreds of devices or IoT products effortlessly. Beyond that, they support data acquisition, condition monitoring, and device management. Intrinsically, these solutions are designed to manage vast data volumes, ensuring adaptability with the evolving needs of a client's business.

We provide a fixed-fee solution, that’s milestone-based. In our consulting model, we love sharing the risks of our customers’ business & projects.

Our processes & systems are designed on getting it right the first time. So, if we don’t deliver as per the agreed project milestones, we don’t get paid.

Post-implementation, we provide 1-year free warranty – because we know our solutions work, without fail. Our customers love this. And find their actual costs of ownership pretty cost-competitive, lesser by at least 60%.

It’s NOT our model to provide a $50k project budget – that eventually gets delayed by months; has bugs during production use, is costly to add new features, has architecture scalability challenges later, and whose ongoing support is even expensive than the original implementation.

If our customers spend $50k – that’s the only cost they incur. Everything else is taken care of by the solutions & processes from our teams, at the same cost.

We provide local support to all our customers through our offices in India, as well as through local partner offices in US-east, US-mountain, US-central, US-pacific, UK, UAE and Aus. Some of the customers are jointly supported with local Microsoft teams, AWS teams and Data Platform partners in that region.

We are one of the trusted Business Consulting firms, that takes up the downstream Technical Implementations to also be done by our in-house teams. Our customers are free to use their own IT teams for solution implementations post consulting phase, while our team focuses on Upstream Consulting activities, providing a detailed Solution Design, Approach, Roadmap & Project plan. Or, like in most cases, we work with their in-house IT teams to jointly implement these Greenfield solutions.

We are not a staffing company, and we don’t provide contract resources.

Firmware updates for IoT devices can be pushed over-the-air (OTA) from a centralized server. These updates can patch vulnerabilities, add new features, or improve device performance.

We not only build custom IoT solutions but we also offer managed IoT services for smart device/instruments & equipment manufacturers, which includes creating advanced mechanisms for software and firmware over-the-air updates. This helps to keep every device in the field secure, bug-free, and up to date.

Any other questions not answered? Read more here