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Enabling real-time visibility & smart insights for your business

Our IoT consultants define your implementation strategy and application roadmap to build secure IoT solutions. We leverage IoT expertise to connect assets, establish real-time communication with cloud and drive analytics for intelligent decision-making. Thereby, helping enterprises to innovate & compete; for creating differentiated customer satisfaction, improved productivity gains and greater business value.

IoT-driven remote monitoring

Real-time monitoring of remote heavy equipment for operations & maintenance

High value assets like equipment, sensors, robots, and actuators in remote locations are critical to the organization.

IoT-driven remote monitoring involves collecting real-time asset data for better operational visibility, and automatically respond to situations. The data collected from assets triggers automatic alerts and actions, such as remote diagnostics, maintenance requests, and other operational processes.

Learn how InstrumentationCo Robust builds IIoT platform for real-time monitoring of over 3000 end-devices

Industrial IoT predict asset health

Prevent failures and Predict asset health

Data acquired from the remote assets enables faster, precise and more effective decisions than conventional decisions made with offline data or no data.

The point of remote asset data is to respond to conditions on health as it is in real-time, and input for predictive analytics to know upcoming failures. This type of intelligence reduces costs, can speed up decision-making to seconds, and results in more efficient operations.

Learn how a Logistics ServicesCo uses Azure IoT based Fleet Management solution to gain real-time visibility

IIoT solution for enterprise

Extending industrial IoT data for enterprise systems

Remote data can be easily integrated with back-end enterprise systems and business applications, to get the most value out of your solution.

For example, an asset failure could be logged in your Work Order Management system that notifies the field technician, and provides helpful suggestions, like the equipment needs to be shipped back for repair or it is more affordable to carry a backup replacement product.

Learn how a Logistics ServicesCo uses Cloud based system to deliver high-quality food items using connected IoT devices

What CXOs have to say

Brian Henry
Chief Architect & CTO
Real Estate & Construction, US

"Working with Saviant's team has opened up our business to new possibilities & has removed the main barrier to growth."
Mushtaque Ahmed
Chief Operating Officer,
Food Services, UK

"I'm excited with the possibilities that we've been able to create to delight our customers by this transformational solution. Saviant has been a real Technology partner in helping us realize this vision."
Mark S
VP - Operations
Manufacturing & Water Utility, US

"Our team at Saviant inherited a complex project and has helped us tremendously in reaching our goals."

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Saviant is the preferred Data Analytics & Intelligent Solutions partner for leading Asset-intensive and Field-force driven Enterprises across industries like Energy, Utilities, Logistics & Construction. We are the trusted Technology Advisors and Implementation Partners for their strategic initiatives around Data Analytics, IoT, Cloud & Mobility. Our teams enable intelligent actions & accelerated business outcomes for our customers across the globe, by defining their Technology Roadmap & Implementation Strategies.
Saviant is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform, Data Platform, Data Analytics, Application Development & Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner.

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