IoT Consulting for Smart Equipment Manufacturers

IoT Consulting for Smart Equipment Manufacturers

Build custom IoT Applications that connect your smart assets & field-force.
200+ Cloud implementations around IoT, Mobility & Data Analytics.

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Preferred IoT Implementation Partner for mid-sized & large OEMs

Asset Monitoring & Management
  • Client Type: OEM |
  • Size: 501-1000 emp.
  • Age: 58+ Years |
  • Revenue: $175-180M

American Instrumentation giant gains real-time visibility over its assets’ health with IIoT solution

Company’s Enterprise gateway connects instruments that are linked to machinery & equipment for collecting asset condition data. But the existing system lacked real-time data on device conditional abnormalities, like dead devices and device malfunctioning. Also, it lacked capabilities to handle multiple Enterprise gateways. With the developed IIoT platform, the existing system provides real-time insights on equipment condition and scaled up to connect 100+ Enterprise gateways.

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Predictive Maintenance
  • Client Type: OEM |
  • Size: 5001-10000 emp.
  • Age: 105+ Years |
  • Revenue: $2000-2200M

American Manufacturing leader reduces time & risk of asset repair using IIoT based fault diagnostic system

Machine learning models that run on asset health data provide insights to support automated fault diagnostic system. And, this IIoT based system helps gather data from 3000+ end-devices, perform vibration analytics and generate actionable insights for predictive maintenance of assets. Thereby, it helped decrease the cost and risk of decision making associated with asset health.

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Connected Devices Platform
  • Client Type: OEM |
  • Size: 11-50 emp.
  • Age: 10+ Years |
  • Revenue: $5-10M

Premier OEM builds new, robust IoT Platform to onboard millions of smart home devices

With the high-end, cost-effective Connected devices IoT platform, the company can now on-board hundreds to millions of Smart home devices. The platform, developed using Azure IoT, helps handle & analyze billions of data records for efficient energy management at Smart Homes. This solution helped deal other critical factors including data security, solution availability, and reliability.

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Equipment Condition Monitoring
  • Client Type: OEM |
  • Size: 5001-10000 emp.
  • Age: 25+ Years |
  • Revenue: $715-720M

World’s largest Wind Turbine supplier detects asset failure beforehand and optimizes Wind Power generation

Knowing the cause of asset failure is important to achieve maximum up-time of turbines and generate optimum power output. And, it is critical to find whether the fault took place in the blades, brake pad, gearbox, shaft, etc. To address this, the company adopted a secure asset data management & condition monitoring platform. This enhanced the speed & reliability of decision-making for scheduled maintenance cycles of wind farms and planned shutdowns.

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Our IoT consultants define your implementation strategy and application roadmap to build robust & scalable IoT solutions. We are working with mid & large conglomerates to help them build connected devices platform, establish real-time communication with cloud, and drive analytics for intelligent decision-making. Thereby, helping such companies innovate & compete; for creating differentiated customer satisfaction, improved productivity gains and greater business value.

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