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IoT consulting services for smart machine manufacturers

Develop custom IoT applications for smart instruments and machines using Azure & AWS, across Energy, Utilities, Healthcare, Chemicals, and Oil & Gas

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Trusted by 150+ industrial enterprises across US, Canada, UK, Australia & Germany

Why do smart machine manufacturers build custom IoT solutions?

For providing better value to your industrial clients, you need to deliver products that help integrate their IT and OT. That needs the ability to architect a solution, which ensures high-performance data acquisition, seamless device management, end-to-end data security, communication over various protocols, overall performance, and end-user experience.

At Saviant, our industrial consulting & implementation framework helps instruments engineering and machines manufacturers build real-time IoT solutions, using Azure & AWS as a platform. Our IoT consulting team enables them to re-imagine their offering, from simply installing data-emitting hardware for their enterprise clients, to really providing them intelligence-as-a-service from operations.

We support our clients’ products & technology teams to build customized solutions, so that they can:

Connect smart machines & devices securely to cloud

to acquire real-time operations data of high volume & velocity and ensure data security, both in-transit and at-rest.

Easily add analytics capabilities in your solution

for analyzing data streaming from live industrial devices and derive insights for running fault-less operations.

Extend cloud intelligence to edge devices

and enable the devices to react quickly for any local changes and continue operating even in long offline periods.

Manage sensors and smart devices securely

within network for easy onboarding, remote access & analytics, using cloud database capabilities.

One of the UK's largest
instruments engineering
companies implements IoT solution on Azure for testing & monitoring industrial equipment

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Why smart machine manufacturers choose Saviant for their IoT roadmap

Quick go-to-market

Quick go-to-market

40% faster development using our industrial frameworks, technology expertise, and ready-to-use IPs
100% solution success rate

100% solution success rate

Successfully delivered 300+ solutions across manufacturing, energy, and industrial engineering enterprises
Enterprise-grade solutions

Enterprise-grade solutions

Building solutions that are technology ready for next decade, with optimized project costs & best practices

How we work with you - our approach

Our IoT consulting teams build custom solutions to realize your goals using a holistic approach, which includes:

1. Assessment for IoT readiness

Assess what is your current state of cloud adoption. Understand your devices, scenario, and your readiness to build IoT solution.

2. Constructing

What’s missing to form a business case & creating the plan to build the solution while realizing the short and long-term objectives.

3. Designing architecture & building application

Solution designing, identifying technology stack & developing IoT solution that is technology-ready for the next decade.

4. Ongoing support and maintenance

Providing support to completely adopt the solution including onboarding of new devices and address any maintenance issues.

Awards & Industry Recognition

Saviant is one of the trusted IoT consulting companies that builds robust enterprise-grade solutions, for data acquisition, condition monitoring, and device management. Our consultants help in your strategic initiatives around IoT app development, Analytics, and ML solutions, using expertise in the Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure and modern data platforms.

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