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Enabling real-time actions with IoT Applications

Smart Equipment Manufacturers are leading the shift to Industry 4.0. IoT initiatives that contribute to maximum asset utilization; such as remote asset tracking, equipment health monitoring, and predictive maintenance are their new focus areas.

Our IoT consultants are enabling such innovative companies to build systems of intelligence. We define their technology roadmap and IoT implementation strategy. Thereby, helping them achieve higher business value and accelerated business outcomes.

Real-time monitoring of heavy equipment

Device to Cloud connectivity

Set-up communication between IoT devices/ equipment with Cloud. Track & collect asset data in real-time for better operational visibility, and automatically respond to situations.

Extend IoT data for Enterprise systems

Real-time Data Integration

Integrate remote asset data securely & seamlessly with back-end systems (CRMs, ERPs) and business applications for intelligent decision-making.

Prevent failures and Predict asset health

Data Platform and Analytics

Utilize IoT asset data for predictive analytics and prevent upcoming failures. Enable faster, precise & more effective decisions in real-time.

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Intelligent Manufacturing

To keep pace with the ever-increasing changes of Industry 4.0, Original Equipment Manufacturers must modernize their factories using new disruptive technologies – IoT, AI & Cloud. By installing & connecting condition monitoring sensors and building scalable data management platforms, they can proactively manage their assets. Our IoT consulting teams are working with such innovative companies, enabling them to:

Connect IoT devices/ machines/ equipment to cloud

Set-up bi-directional communication between IoT devices & cloud

Achieve complete visibility into production in real-time

Improve operational efficiency by automating business processes

Move from break-fix model to predictive asset maintenance

Minimize asset failures to zero through real-time asset health reports


Connected Logistics

Logistics companies are demanding new ways to streamline their operations; be it for faster delivery of goods, efficient handling of fleet of vehicles or strengthen driver's safety & performance. They must optimize 'factory service chain' to get ahead of the curve and prepare for future demand using digital technologies. As an IoT solutions development company, our teams are working with such companies helping them to:

Create connected systems of intelligence for efficient logistics’ operations

Improve time-in-transit through custom smart logistics tracking system

Analyze vehicle telematics for improved performance

Fortify driver’s safety with wearable applications & fatigue detection systems

Speed-up warehousing operations through inventory tracking in real-time

Build IoT enabled supply chain management to optimize the delivery process

Energy & Utilities

Smart Utilities

Internet of things solutions help optimize operations of Water, Oil & Gas utilities. Few IoT implementations include Smart meter tracking & monitoring, utility efficient facilities, predictive maintenance, evacuation systems and emergency alerts. We offer IoT consulting services for Utility companies to:

Build IoT solutions and enable unified view of utility data

Implement IoT strategy for transforming business processes

Predict outcomes & reduce utility loss with asset data management

Prevent asset downtime & failures and extend life of assets

Avoid leakages & minimize over consumption of Utility

Increase real-time visibility of operations for improved efficiency

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