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Get your IoT assets to do more with a managed IoT ecosystem

Most smart instrument manufacturers have already adopted IoT technology and are building landmark applications for industrial enterprises. They are now able to maintain direct connections with their products in the field. This gives the ability for machine manufacturers to deliver more value to their B2B customers, while enabling them to monitor key parameters and predict outcomes and red-flag alerts that improve equipment longevity & efficiency.

However, with multiple products going into various customers’ operations in great numbers, managing a large number of devices & data with existing systems and limited bandwidth has become a challenge. This entails onboarding of new devices, device connectivity, provisioning, configuration, and security, along with integrating & validating the end-to-end solutions for every new device/firmware update. In addition, what their enterprise customers are really demanding now is a fully managed service for their existing IoT ecosystem, that includes end-to-end IoT device management and maintenance.

At Saviant, our teams help such instruments manufacturers with managed IoT services in realizing the business outcomes for their customers through onboarding, adoption, and ensuring the lifetime value of their assets.

Achieve your business objectives with custom solutions

Largely, there are different levels of complexities where managed IoT services team will help you ensure that your smart devices, infrastructure, industrial systems, and security stay in working order.

Seamless device onboarding & deployment

Get your millions of devices onboarded and integrated on your IoT platform, for your customers and projects, seamlessly with higher efficiency while reducing team overheads.

Improved up-time of devices

Reduce downtimes with your remote assets being monitored continuously, on your platform, to tackle any device configuration & provisioning issues.

Removing device data security concerns

Reduce security threats by examining vulnerabilities & risks with continuous assessment of data and network systems, even as a variety of devices are deployed on-field for multiple customers.

Ensuring flawless onboarding and adoption

Preventing performance issues and mitigating risks by verifying & validating platform integration, with customers’ existing industrial environment, as more and more devices are onboarded on to the platform.

How we work with you

Our managed IoT services team follow four distinct stages to help achieve your goals within 3-5 weeks:

1. Assessment for system study

Assess what is your current IoT environment and understand about the devices, connectivity, infrastructure, and the application that is used to operate the smart devices.

2. Onboarding and configuration

Create a process of device enrollment into the system and define a flexible configuration mechanism, according to the specificity of your IoT platform.

3. Building analytics mechanisms for diagnostics

Monitoring the network statistics to prevent failures from happening. Building sophisticated analytics processes to generate useful insights into issues that pop up as notifications.

4. On-going maintenance and end of life management

Creating advanced mechanisms for software over-the-air and firmware over-the-air updates, to keep every device in the field as secure, bug-free, and up to date. Build strategies for device replacement or decommissioning to avoid system downtimes and leaks, thereby handling the device end of life management.

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