Manufacturing Industry Needs-Real-Time Visibility &
Predictive Maintenance

Manufacturing Industry

IoT-enabled asset tracking not only provides manufacturers with better control of their logistics, but using the data can also enable them to offer their customers near real-time tracking of shipments, an appealing differentiator.


Manufacturers today, want to have complete control over their products and process which includes end-to-end monitoring


Manufacturers today, want to have complete control over their products and process which includes end-to-end monitoring


Using a mix of connectivity technologies, including cellular and satellite, Manufacturers can track not just assets but also pallets, shipping containers, and equipment both on- and offsite giving better control over organization while keeping operations costs in check.

Azure System architecture diagram
System Architectural Diagram

THE SHIFT TOWARDS 'Managed Products'

Manufacturers of larger goods-generators, elevators, air-conditioning units, jet engines, and medical equipment-frequently already sell maintenance contracts along with equipment. These contracts are often lucrative, but they create problems for both parties.

They require regular inspection and maintenance visits, and customers still experience downtime and an emergency call-out if there's a problem in between visits. Manufacturers are increasingly moving towards "servitization", where instead of selling products they contract to deliver outcomes.

IoT Revolutionizing Manufacturing Industry

With IoT, manufacturers can remotely monitor the condition of equipment and look for indicators of imminent failure - for example vibration, temperature, or pressure outside normal limits. This means that the manufacturer can make fewer visits, reducing costs and freeing up employees. For the customer it means less disruption, increased uptime, and ultimately higher satisfaction.

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