Azure DocumentDB Solutions– Saviant Consulting

What is Azure DocumentDB?

Azure DocumentDB is a fully-managed, highly-scalable, NoSQL document database service. It can store JSON documents with indexing. These documents can be queried. DocumentDB is schema free. It offers a simple RESTful model. It can be accessed using any client which supports HTTP. DocumentDB provides libraries for Node, .NET, Python and JS. All resources are uniquely addressable by URI. That means all your resources which are in DocumentDB can be accessed by a URI. It is partitioned for scale out and replicated for high availability. It has a granular level control which allows us to set item level permissions to the various resources. Many schema free databases do not allow non-trivial queries and transaction processing. However DocumentDB supports T-SQL like programmability (stored procedures, triggers and user defined functions). It is designed for modern mobile and web applications.

Why DocumentDB?

Who needs it?

If you are looking for a large schema free data storage with a quick read and write operations and which should support query retrieval and transactional processing then you should definitely go for DocumentDB. It is designed for modern web and mobile applications.