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Abhinav Rao

Abhinav Rao 
Program Manager

With a wide expertise in Cross-platform and Native mobile app development, Abhinav acts as the Mobile Center of Excellence. He builds Mobile teams to deliver outcome that businesses love!

He brings-in the right team - a combination of business understanding, solutioning and technology expertise - to solve your complex business challenges. Continue the conversation.

Page updated in Nov, 2020

 Xamarin Mobile apps

Make your Xamarin Mobile apps stronger on Azure

Enterprise Mobility is transforming the way the enterprises are engaging with customers, partners and employees while exchanging business-critical information. Integrating native or cross-platform Mobile apps with cloud in a scalable manner is more important and equally challenging. This in turn necessitated the demand for powerful mobile backend system that supports core elements like seamless integration with cloud, auto scalability, offline behavior, secure authentication etc.

Microsoft Azure Mobile Apps Service as an MBaaS, enables plethora of backend capabilities and supports highly-functional enterprise-grade mobile apps. It consolidates Active directory, single sign-on, integration with databases, Push notifications, Social media integration as well as Offline-Sync features, all in ready to use stage. Our Mobility Team focuses on leveraging Azure Mobile Apps services as MBaaS to build engaging business-critical & user-friendly apps.

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