Real Estate Case Study | Mobile App Development

Brian Henry
(Chief Architect & CTO)

"I want to build a connected workforce environment for Traders and Builders’ workforce, to effectively manage the real-estate construction workflow in real-time”

Client's feedback

Working with this team has opened our business to new possibilities & has removed the main barrier to growth."

Brian Henry
Chief Architect & CTO

Our Results

Our client achieved a 40% increase in Field productivity with the mobile app, which is responsive and available across multiple devices & platforms. It helped heighten the level of customer satisfaction from 66% to 90% in less than a year, with increase in number of customer engagements.

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Business Need

The client wanted to upgrade their existing field service platform. A connected workforce environment set-up was needed for the company to establish real-time communication between traders and builders' workforce. This system would help them manage the real-estate construction workflow effortlessly and quickly.

The home builder wanted their field workforce to connect with their trader in real-time via web portal and mobile apps. A cross platform hybrid mobile application was needed for the client to enable real-time communication & secure data access from a remote location for the workforce. This will also help them track the messaging data. However, to display the relevant information of home models within the limited mobile app space is a crucial challenge. In addition, they also wanted to integrate the app with NoSQL Raven DB database for processing the data securely and quickly.

Technology Solution

Saviant developed a cross platform hybrid mobile app that is compatible across multiple devices and platforms viz. Android, iOS & Windows phones and tablets. The portal was also upgraded to make it responsive for better interface on mobile devices and smaller display screens.

The mobile application was launched across all major platforms within a shorter span of 3 weeks. It enabled quick and secure access to messaging module of home builder application via mobile devices. The team delivered a responsive design compatible across various platforms and devices like desktops, tablets and smart phones. This solution has been valued for its high-performance engine to process more than 25,000 records within 5 seconds. With the field service solution, the customer enhanced the business growth by over 38%, reducing their cycle time to 155 days/home from an earlier 220 – 250 days/home; resulting in savings of about $2400 per bid.

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